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An Antidepressant for COVID? Cheap & Effective?

Antidepressant for COVID

  An antidepressant for COVID that is both cheap and effective?!? As unlikely as that sounds, there is some evidence gathering in its favor. A large, randomized controlled trial (part of the TOGETHER Trial) was published in the Lancet that showed that individuals with COVID-19 who had at least 1 underlying high-risk condition and took […]

Probiotics and Prebiotics for Depression

Microbiome and Depression

 By: Dr. Eeks, MD, MPH Probiotics and prebiotics for depression: The connection between the microbiome and mood.   Guess what? You are never alone. None of us are. It may not be comfortable to think about, but tons of tiny organisms live inside us and affect our health. The microbiome refers to all of the microorganisms […]

An Herbal Remedy for Anxiety?

Herbal Remedy for Anxiety

  By Dr. Eeks  Is there an herbal remedy for anxiety? Well, there might be several. Several that might work some times for some people or not at all for some people or work really well for a few. ;) Today I want to focus on KAVA, since you often see that marketed for anxiety […]

Sleep for Depression

Sleep for Depression

  By: Dr. Eeks Sleep for depression and dietary interventions might be the best first approach for cases of depression. Particularly mild depression. Sleep and depression, much like the link between sleep with other chronic illnesses, has a Chicken-and-Egg relationship. I’m going to explain below, but thought I’d post one of my favorite Chicken and […]

Antidepressant Withdrawal and Effectiveness

Antidepressant Withdrawal and the Myth of 2 Weeks

  What’s the scoop on antidepressant withdrawal?  A hotly contentious scoop, that’s what. Those of you who’ve read my fictionalized memoir Manic Kingdom know that I have a vested interest in this topic for personal reasons. If you read Manic Kingdom, you’ll know that the main character Becka ( based off of me in medical […]

On the Problem with Depression, by Dr. Douglas Watt


On the Problem with Depression, a guest post by Dr. Douglas Watt   It frequently comes as quite a shock when people learn that depression is now the most expensive condition facing Western societies, when you put together the cost of treatment with the cost of lost productivity (including the devastating cost of total disability […]

Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease are All Things We Can Work On.

Risk factors for Alzheimer's Disease

The Risk factors for Alzheimer’s Disease are all things we can work on. (That’s good news.) By: Dr. Eeks Even though there are things I would love to forget,  I definitely want to do what I can to prevent Alzheimer’s disease when I’m older. I’m hoping, by that time, I’ll have more experiences that I […]

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