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Natural Remedy for PTSD: the Sound Approach


By: Erin Stair, MD, MPH Is there a natural remedy for PTSD? This is an area that is exploding with research and interest as more and more people with PTSD want to find natural forms of therapy. This is especially true for veterans. Many veterans are looking for alternative approaches to help with the symptoms […]

The Best Detox Everrrrrr: KickStart from Verdant Corpora

Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling

    According to laws and regulations, I must let you know that this is a paid partnership with the hot new wellness company, Verdant Corpora. Verdant Corpora’s KickStart is the most amazing detox on the planet!  It’s organic, all-natural, GMO-free, full of antioxidants, antiinflammatories and superfoods. You’ll lose weight fast, because toxic sludge is […]

ZENBands and Wellness Travel: A Review from Tao Wander


ZENBands and Wellness Travel: Wellness travel is becoming a huge trend, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Every time I travel, I have a little anxiety about how to maintain my health/wellness regimen , including exercise, good sleep, meditation, yoga and having access to the foods I like to eat and products I like […]

A Review of ZENBands & ZENTones from LoveLaughLifeMotherHood


Hey guys! We sent Jasmine, founder of LoveLifeLaughMotherhood, a ZENBand and ZENTones to try. Her blog readers are mostly moms, and since many new and not-so-new moms use ZENBands, we wanted to see what she thought of the ZENBand and our ZENTones. Just a note: We stopped infusing the ZENBands with lavender oil, as some […]

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump isn’t About Donald Trump


The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, written by a group of psychiatrists and psychologists, isn’t about Donald Trump. It’s about how a group of medical professionals think it is perfectly acceptable to publish statements about someone’s mental health without personal consultations, lab values, imaging or anything remotely objective. That is narcissism, and one Trump could […]

NonToxic Product to Clean Your Appliances!


Hey gang. Dr. Eeks here. I usually make my own cleaning solutions that include ingredients such as water, essential oils and vinegar. I have different concoctions with different smells (some uplifting, some relaxing, some neutral…) under my sink. It’s really important to get intimate with your cleaning supplies. By intimate I mean read the ingredients […]

ZENBands Recommended as a Favorite Birth Product!


Another Positive Review for ZENBands, this time from Bailey Gaddis, author of Feng Shui Mommy: Creating Balance and Harmony for Blissful Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood, childbirth preparation educator, birth doula, hypnotherapist and contributor to Working Mother, Pregnancy and Newborn, Disney, Babble, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Expectful, Elephant Journal, Scary Mommy, and other publications. You […]

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