Why Does Asparagus Make Pee Smell?

why does asparagus make pee smell

Why does asparagus make pee smell?

These are the big questions that come to me in life- after I eat a healthy helping of asparagus and use the toilet. I eat a lot of asparagus and while I’m one for letting questions be questions, one evening I decided to pursue an answer.

You’ll notice below that I’ve shared the “blog” video transcript version of the answer as well as the video version. It’s similar to my video on prunes and thrones and bones-and if you haven’t seen that one yet, boy are you missing out. Seriously, watch it.  Turns out prunes aren’t just shits and giggles.

But enough about prunes. Today’s star is asparagus. Specifically the question, why does asparagus make pee smell?

Here’s the video transcript:

“Asparagus are good for you. They are linked to reducing the risk of cancer, cognitive troubles and heart disease. They also…make your pee smell. Well, some people’s.

In the literature, they refer to the smell as “rotten cabbage” attributed to one or more of its sulfur metabolites. So.., you know…, remember that, if you’re on a dinner date, it’s early in the relationship and you’re eating asparagus. You don’t want to introduce “rotten cabbage smell” too early in the relationship. Ya need to wait…till they’re hooked…in love!

But here’s the other interesting thing: Not everyone produces the sulfur metabolites linked to the rotten cabbage smell AND not everyone can smell it! There’s a name for not being able to smell it: Asparagus Anosmia.  And apparently, it’s pretty common. One study I looked at showed 3 in 5 people couldn’t smell it. I definitely don’t have that…I know because I eat a lot of asparagus and then a couple hours later… smells like rotten cabbage!

But ya do what ya gotta do to eat healthy. Ya make sacrifices. If you have to smell like rotten cabbage, well sometimes that’s what it takes.

So what about you? Does Asparagus make your pee smell? Just me????

“No Eeks. Mine smells like lilacs.”

Yum. Sure it does.”

Okay. Thanks for reading that. Now you can watch the video version of why does asparagus make your pee smell. (And while you’re on my Youtube channel, don’t forget to hit subscribe! Well, if you want to, but I hope you do. ;0)


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