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Take the Stairs…

Take the Stairs. Someone Might have Farted in the Elevator.

Hello all. I’m sharing this because it’s health communication at its finest! ;) Also, living in a building with the slowest, smallest elevator in the world…in which there is little to no ventilation, Lord does this resonate. Anyhow, don’t be afraid to be funny in your health comms! Public health shouldn’t be so stiff and […]

HypoMania is How I Get Stuff Done

Hypomania is How I Get Stuff Done

Hypomania is How I Get Stuff Done. A little something I created. This is inspired by one of my favorite reads, The Hyopmanic Edge. Granted, hypomania has its negatives, but I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of channeling all that “buzz” and energy towards something productive. To me, you’d have to first be able […]

“Childhood Issues”


Where would the field of pyschology be without childhood issues?  ;) This idea came to my brain when I was going through some of my dad’s old veterinary school books and saw that the treatment for a horse was almost always “shoot it.”  I was like, geez…are you sure the field of medicine is advancing?  […]

“Dear Santa, I’d like a big word for “I Don’t Know”


In this episode of funny: This drawing is originally from my short parody on the business of wellness, Yours in Wellness, because I spared no one in that lil’ chunk of my brain. The preface of the parody is that the lead character who writes all the letters uses color therapy to cope as her […]

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Sam and Ella

Sam and Ella

A little food poisoning for the Pro-Vegan movement. Hope you guys get it! ;) By the way, these are all original creations from my rad brain. If you want this ( or any of my crazy jokes) on a mug, organic tote bag or a magnet, just shoot me a message. I can arrange it […]

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