Dr. Eeks

Dr. Eeks: Not made in a lab nor a star of a scifi series (yet).

Dr. Eeks


“When you can’t laugh, laugh.”

If you are interested in public health consulting, qualitative or quantitative data analysis or scientific communications work, you can learn more about what I do here or  please email me directly at: erin@bloomingwellness.com.

(The writings & opinions on this website are my own (Dr. Eeks) and not reflective of anyone I work or consult for.) 

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FYI: For the blog, I write the blogs that are NOT listed in the “Other-Ad” category. The “Other-Ad” category in the blog section is MOSTLY advertisement blogs written to promote specific links. They support my dog Barnaby’s treat habit and the Causes or Cures podcast. I do not scientifically review any of them and from the ones I have read, they are usually terrible. 


Now for writing in 3rd person, because that’s healthy:

Dr. Eeks sounds like a mad scientist in a Scifi novel or a creature created in a lab. It’s actually a nickname that developed and took off, so she stuck with it. But who knows, really…maybe she was created in a lab. Either way, she’s quirky AF.

She grew up in a small town of 2000 people, was her high school valedictorian, has a degree from West Point (chemistry and environmental engineering) where she was recruited to play on their division 1 soccer team & commissioned an officer in the US Army. She somehow graduated (even after painting the latrine pink) and later earned both an MPH and MD degree, but she does not practice medicine, as she realized that patient care didn’t make her happy & she was more passionate about preventing diseases before they begin. While in public health school, she did a research internship with an organization that models and predicts emerging infectious diseases & has stayed interested in how the way humans interact with their fellow species and environment can lead to new health issues and diseases.

She currently works as a public health/scicomms consultant at the federal level, for academics and private organizations. She digs the creativity and variety of projects.

Prior to her current global health projects, Dr. Eeks spent several years managing the evidence base for an international digital health company based in London that used gaming, CBT et al to create population-level, cost-effective interventions for addiction, obesity, anxiety and other chronic illnesses. The programs were utilized in the US, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and Israel and had impressive and cost-effective recovery rates for a wide variety of populations. She likes the idea of digital interventions because of their scalability and creativity but understands that they need to be balanced with the need for human face-to-face interaction and frankly, human touch.

Both of her older sisters are doctors (one is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and one is a pediatrician/internist) and her father is a veterinarian. Her family owns and operates a popular veterinary hospital and kennel, which she helps out with, as does everyone in the family.

You’ll most likely find her exploring new countries, on an island or glamping in the Woods.  #gypsysoul

Dr. Eeks’ laughs all the time, often when it’s inappropriate and writes health jokes just cuz. If you’re unsure, ask before you take her seriously.

Her dog Barnaby is the best. He is the Chief Everything Officer (CEO) of Blooming Wellness.

She’s a fatalist. The good news about being a fatalist is that you know it will end soon.

She’s been told that she’s on the spectrum. Aren’t we all?

She loves to write.

Dr. Eeks practices minimalism. (Furniture…, what?) She wishes minimalism was cool when she was poor, then she could have said she was a minimalist, not poor.

As a hobby, she likes to study the medicinal nature of plants & herbs, including how they could be used as criminal or bioterror agents. It’s just a hobby, calm down.

Her favorite hobbies include: running, yoga, pranks, swimming, playing the violin, podcasting, krav maga, reading, soccer, finding the humor in life, interval training, writing, animal rescue, flowers and bird-watching.

She is a BIG live theatre fan and will almost always go to a play. Also, big Grateful Dead fan.

She’s known for turning pathos into humor and mastering the mundane. It’s a shit, short world, have some fun.

She’s played the violin for years and started when she was 6 in the Catholic choir. Everyone in her family plays a musical instrument, except mom. She yells a lot though, and sometimes it’s even in tune.

Her favorite diet is whatever she wants, mastering emotional eating & intermittent fasting. She overcame bulimia (nearly killed her) and is open to discussing that fight with anyone.

She gets up really early and goes to bed early. Not much for parties.

She follows a very strict wellness routine. It annoys her too. She doesn’t promote any supplements, because at the end of the day, the field is too unregulated for an endorsement. It’s like the “EAT ME” scene in Alice in Wonderland.

She dislikes censorship, because she thinks it ultimately does more harm than good in a democracy and we are better off teaching people how to think critically about any bit of information.  In the digital age, it’s impossible to try to control everything a person reads/sees. Plus, critical thinking is very vintage these days, as is listening!!! Let’s work on building those critical thinking and listening skills.

She doesn’t like loud noises or loud conversations. (Less is more.)

She thinks Big Pharma has way too much power & influence over policy, healthcare & that research agendas need to focus more on prevention.

She’s left-handed, and as all of the soccer coaches she’s played against know, very left-footed on the field as well.

She loves the game of soccer.

She despises factory farms.

Most of Dr. Eeks’ charitable causes involve animals, mainly because they are better than humans.

She thinks we take life too seriously. I mean, when the sun melts and kills Earth (or a Nuke does it first), who gives a shit about your trophies, looks, salary or credentials?

Love is everything.

That list covers the basics, right? 

Barnaby: Chief Everything Officer (CEO)


In 2019, Dr. Eeks launched a health podcast, Causes Or Cures, and invites you to check it out and listen. It’s very organic, low-budget and not sponsored by anyone, but it’s experienced tremendous growth during the pandemic in 2021.  She doesn’t make any money off of it, it’s a complete passion project. There are no bells nor whistles, but she once opened an episode with a verse from “Send in the Clowns.”  The goal of the podcast is to feature experts, stakeholders, dissenters and interesting characters on timely, sometimes controversial, health topics, who can explain things in easy-to-understand ways. Sometimes she features people who are just intriguing or have interesting stories or new health products they are bringing to market. She’s been lucky to feature super-smart, amazing guests from all over the world. Please check it out and subscribe, but of course remember: It’s not health advice. If you take everything you hear as “advice”, it’s best not to listen to the podcast (or, um, anyone for that matter). The podcast is for fun, curious conversations.

Dr. Eeks is passionate about promoting common-sense health & wellness and has an inner fire for empowering individuals of all walks of life to take charge of their health, make positive lifestyle changes and live happier lives. She feels anyone on any budget can live a healthier life, which is why she gets frustrated when wellness is often portrayed or presented as a luxury brand with lots of products, supplements, detoxes, cleanses, retreats, etc. She wants wellness to be more inclusive, because folks with lower incomes are shown to have more health issues than folks with higher incomes. Making the idea of wellness more accessible and more affordable is one of her public health goals with this website.

There are different views on healing in the world: Ones that focus on the body. Ones that focus on the mind. Ones that focus on the spirit. Ones that focus on the body and mind connection. Dr. Eeks likes to focus on the mind, body and spirit connection. As untrendy as it sounds, she does believe in a Higher Power.

Dr. Eeks has a fondness for making quirky wellness videos for her Instagram feed and blogging about her health adventures, while having a natural love for irreverent, blue-collar comedy. She curses, sorry. She’s very interested in how health information is relayed to people and how it is interpreted. She thinks effective, positive, honest, creative communication is Public Health 101, because getting through is 90% of the battle, right?

Feel free to follow her on Twitter too. She tries to stay away from politics, but, you know, sometimes it’s hard.  Sometimes she has PMS and uses Twitter as an unhealthy tool to get her through. 😉 And she has a bad habit of posting pictures on Twitter and trying to turn it into Instagram.

Erin Stair and Barnaby






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