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Unmasking Humanity: the Public Health Imperative of Abandoning Labels

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The Public Health Imperative of Abandoning Labels:  Video and blog by EeKs The Quacks are tired of being called Quacks. The Shills are tired of being called Shills. The Antivaxxers are tired of being called Antivaxxers. This means the hill everyone can meet on…is A Thesaurus. Need to mix it up, folks, mix it up… […]

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Take the Stairs…

Take the Stairs. Someone Might have Farted in the Elevator.

Hello all. I’m sharing this because it’s health communication at its finest! ;) Also, living in a building with the slowest, smallest elevator in the world…in which there is little to no ventilation, Lord does this resonate. Anyhow, don’t be afraid to be funny in your health comms! Public health shouldn’t be so stiff and […]

The War on Misinformation and The Elephants on the Battlefield

War on Misinformation

The War on Misinformation and the Elephants on the Battlfield: View are totally my own. In the health comms section of my blog, you’ll notice that I write a lot about the war on misinformation and have been doing so since the beginning of the pandemic. Fueled by the Election of 2016 and COVID-19, there’s […]

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Misinformation or Truth: A Cheat Sheet

Misinformation or Truth

Misinformation or Truth: My Cheat Sheet. As mentioned in several previous posts, I think trying to control all of the information a person is/isn’t exposed to is an expensive and losing battle. Between real life and the digital landscape, the opportunities for exposure are endless. No matter what you do, people will one day find […]

The Public Health Equilibrium

public health equilibrium

What is the public health equilibrium? It’s a term I coined to describe the balancing act that is public health, which I’ll describe in this blog. This is my perception, vision, thinking and not anyone I work for or consult for. This blog was inspired by one of my recent tweets: I don’t think the […]

Running with Headlines: Headline Science Troubles:

Running with Headlines

Running with Headlines & Headline Science Troubles: For today’s musings in scicomms…What’s in a headline?  And what do we do with headlines? To explain, let me share a Running with Headlines experience that happened: I recently had Dr. Shuji Ogino (Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School) on my Causes or Cures podcast to […]

Credentialism vs Anti-Credentials in SciComms


This blog will focus on Credentialism and the Ant-Credential Movement in the realm of scientific discourse, but first, a quick joke:   So, what is credentialism? Essentially, it’s equating someone’s degrees and diplomas with his/her intelligence, capacity to do a job, and capacity to understand a particular topic. While traditionally it has been discussed in […]

The Ridiculous Panic over Misinformation

Surpirse over Misinformation

  Even if you reside under a rock, you’ve heard about the problem of online misinformation. While discussions around online misinformation went mainstream during the 2016 presidential election, they exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic. At least for scientific misinformation, which is a reminder that we now have categories of misinformation…political, scientific, health…as if there is […]

A Hit & a Miss for NYC Dept of Health Fentanyl Ad


NYC’s Fentanyl Ad: My friend recently sent me a photo of a NYC health department ad on the subway, with the text, “Can you believe this?” Here is a screenshot of the ad: It reads, “Don’t be ashamed you are using, be empowered that you are using safely.”  The small print (which no one is […]

Truth-Seeking: A Caveat to be Aware of

Truth Seeking

The Caveat of Truth-Seeking: By: Dr. Eeks   I posted the following on Instagram and Twitter: “Criticize crony-capitalistic influences. There’s enough legitimate material there. Try to avoid conspiracy theories that will make it harder to be taken seriously and create viable, positive change. If you aren’t sure where something stands, ask more questions.” I don’t […]

It’s Not a Misinformation Problem. It’s a Trust Problem.


By Dr. Eeks This is my hypothesis, not anyone’s I work for. It’s also my dog’s hypothesis, and so you know, he’s quite bright. A recent poll conducted among healthcare workers showed that 72% of them state misinformation negatively impacts patients’ decisions about the vaccine, and 71% of them said it negatively impacts their decisions […]

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