“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

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*PLEASE NOTE: I do allow guests and/or promotional posts on the blog and do not read most of them. I write all of the blogs that are not in the “Other-Ad” category. The “Other-Ad” category is mostly advertisement blogs written to promote specific links & you should know that I do not scientifically review them, although the ones I have read are pretty awful. (Just keeping it honest!)


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What is Blooming Wellness? 

Eeks here.

Blooming Wellness is mostly a health blog where I share my thoughts on trending public health topics. We also have a great social media community where we respectfully discuss hot health topics, particularly in our Facebook group and even sometimes on Instagram here.  Here, I write all the blogs that are not categorized as “Other”.  I do accept outside posts, so the “Other” category includes guests posts and advertisement posts, and I don’t review most of them. I also host a health podcast, Causes or Cures. It has grown a lot during the pandemic, and I hope you guys check it out.  :)

I like to keep “wellness” simple, rooted in common sense, attainable and affordable. Wellness shouldn’t be presented as a luxury brand, though it often is. (I did a whole podcast on it here.) I always try to provide evidence for topics covered and make note when there isn’t a lot of evidence or if something is anecdotal. I’m not against anecdotal evidence, but I am against being dishonest about the level of evidence for a proposed intervention or supplement. I see that happening too often in the world of wellness.

There are different approaches to healing. Some focus on the body. Some focus on the mind. Some focus on the mind-body connection. Still others focus on the mind-body-spirit connection, and when you really think about those approaches, it means not everyone views healing exactly the same way. My preference is to focus on the mind-body-spirit, and in the last several years I’ve spent a lot of time on the “spiritual” dimension. People who say science is incompatible with a spiritual dimension are, in short, not accurate. But you have to do you and do what works for you.

Dr. Eeks

I will also add that I do not endorse any supplements or health brands. Like, zero. My only advice when it comes to supplements is to do your homework and do it well. It’s an unregulated world, much like the Wild West. That said, everyone is so supplement-obsessed, I should probably quit my day job and make one.

I add humor to almost everything.

Humor and playfulness are integral parts of health and stress reduction, so you’ll find a lot of both scattered throughout my website and on my social media feeds. I didn’t grow up rich so blue-collar humor is my favorite defense mechanism. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am some people’s morning shot of vodka. Or apple cider vinegar. ;)


Meditation with Barnaby, Chief Everything Officer


Things I don’t do: I don’t give out medical advice. I don’t practice medicine or see patients. I work as a public health/scicomms consultant and contractor on a variety of different projects, some more creative than others. ;) Please don’t ask for medical advice, unless you want to be disappointed. And while I work with many great organizations and companies, views on this website are mine and mine alone.

Note: Humans love to be tribal and take sides. It’s our nature. I try to stay balanced while maintaining an open mind and an open ear. I’m not perfect at it, but that’s how I try to live my life anyhow. The goal of science isn’t to be right; it’s to stay open-minded, humble and curious. There always needs to be a space for dissent, and we shouldn’t be so quick to label dissenters with reductive, and frankly, anti-intellectual labels. When I joined a military academy at 18, I never took my rights for granted and always had great respect for folks who signed up to defend them. That’s one reason I will always be a fighter for free speech.


Please note that this website should never replace your Doctor’s Advice. Blooming Wellness provides information on interesting health and wellness topics. And tells you stories. And makes you laugh. We do not respond to questions about how to treat medical illnesses.


For your knowledge, please know that none of our statements have been evaluated by the FDA or any other regulatory body, depending what country you reside in, nor should they replace or serve as medical advice. This is an informational site only. 

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