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Wellness is a Luxury Brand


“Wellness is a luxury brand. Verdant Corpora is a luxury brand. If you want to make a goop-ton of money and be thriving ambassadors of Verdant Corpora, it is imperative that you understand, and embody, our Culture of Wellness.”  – from my parody, Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling.


Hi guys,

Wellness is a luxury brand, and I’m going to explain why in this podcast. If you’ve read my bio, follow my Instagram videos or read my new parody book, you’ll know that I’m passionate about making wellness affordable and rooted in common sense and science. This podcast is really an extension of my book, Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling: Letters from the Wellness Industry, but I also use the current pandemic to drive home the point as to why we need to make wellness more accessible. A lot of people that I come across in the “world of wellness” tend to view wellness as good and traditional medicine as bad or profit-fueled. They ignore that there is good and bad in both, and they ignore that wellness is a huge business, with a lot less rade tape to bring something to market. In fact, it’s a trillion-dollar business! You’re quite gullible if you think everyone in wellness or natural health or holistic health is putting You before profit. That’s not how human nature works.

Anyhow, while I usually feature an expert on my podcast episodes, I’ve decided to post several solo ones, during which I talk about the things that bother me about the business of wellness, and how I think the industry can improve. “Wellness is a luxury brand” is one of them. I will also talk about the issues within the traditional healthcare system that have motivated folks to give it up for some kind of wellness. When listening, it’s important to remember that wellness IS an umbrella term. Underneath it are supplements, healers of all sorts, crystals, alternative forms of treatment, essential oils, manicured diets, detoxes and more. Some are more legitimate than others, but since there is very little regulation and a lot of sparkly marketing, it’s hard to know what works and who to trust. I plan on covering those subjects and a lot more, so stay tuned and consider subscribing too! I keep it as real as possible.

If you are interested in this topic but not into podcasts, I invite you to read or listen to my parody book: Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling. It’s short, because I wanted even the person with the shortest attention span to check it out. In it, through the musings of a fictious CEO of a wellness company, I write a lot about why wellness is a luxury brand.

Finally, hope to see some of you guys on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I’m a frequent poster and always try to respond to the comments. One thing that you’ll notice I do, especially on Facebook (on my professional page or my health group)  is let you guys know when an expert is coming on to discuss a hot health topic and ask you guys what questions you want me to ask. I feel this is very democratic and makes the podcast more valuable for my listeners. I host the podcast from my apartment in NYC. Some episodes are definitely more nerdy than others ( I’m kind of a nerd), but I feel there is something for everyone on it. Whether you’re wondering about Alkaline water, wireless technology and health effects, sunscreen, COVID-19, face masks, depression, antidepressants… I promise that there is an episode you can click on and learn from. I also do the best I can with the sound, though a lot of it depends on where my guest is. Some sound better than others, but everyone gets his/her point across loud and clear. And most importantly, I appreciate all of YOUR support. Whether you shared an episode, subscribed, messsaged me about an episode…I really appreciate it. Despite my “loud” social media presence, I’m actually quite shy and don’t ask people to share or promote my stuff. I’m told that I SHOULD do more of that, but it’s hard to overcome our internal wiring, isn’t it? ;)  Anyhow, I hope you check out Causes or Cures.  :)  – Erin

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