7 Habits of Healthy Seniors


Guest Post by: Arum Mag Not medically reviewed by Erin Stair, MD, MPH The fact that people become senior citizens is something to be emulated by today’s young people. In the world of technology where everything is literally on people’s fingertips, it is difficult to make an effort to go outdoors for a run or […]

5 Tips for a Healthy Camping Trip


SPONSORED POST (Not medically reviewed by Dr. Stair)   Post by: Boris Dzhingarov A camping trip is a fun and an environmentally friendly way to get away from the stresses of the real world. It can be enjoyed on your own, with a friend or loved one, or with your family. There are an unlimited number […]

Everything You Should Note when Proposing Medicare Advantage Plan to Your Customers


Sponsored Post (Not medically reviewed by Dr. Stair)    Guest Post by: Ashley Lipman When a person gets health insurance, they have many different potential options they can choose from. People can get health insurance from the public marketplace, their employer or a private company. Going with a private company can offer benefits that you […]

Nutrition hacks to make you healthier


  SPONSORED POST (Not medically reviewed by Dr. Stair)  A post by Paul Singh It is possible for every single one of us to make improvements to our current nutrition plan. Whether you’re not eating enough fruits in addition to vegetables, relying too much on packaged foods or indulging in indulgent desserts more often than […]

Prevent Tooth Decay with a Good Dental Routine


By: Rona Carcido Most people don’t really think about their teeth until there’s a problem, and the routines we learned as children carry us through to adulthood. If we are fortunate, we learned good dental routines that helped keep our teeth in excellent condition. Unfortunately for most people the habits we’ve formed may seem excellent, […]

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