Different Ways To Find Your Calm This Spring

By: Lily Weaver

We’re coming into a new year and, before too long, the changing of the seasons. While the improving weather and more light can help a lot of people experience much better mood shifts and lessen the feelings of depression that some get with winter, another problem can arise for some. Many people experience a certain level of discomfort or unease as we progress into the year, usually because the time feels like it’s moving faster than we would want. Here are a few tips to find your calm in the changing seasons.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva

Practice some self-care

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean that you can’t pamper yourself. Self-care can be a nurturing act, whether it’s simply taking a day for an at-home spa experience, making the time to go get treated at a real spa, or indulging in a treat that you don’t afford yourself too often. We all have to take some time for self-care, and this moment of quiet after the holidays can be the perfect time to do it, once all of the stress and noise is (hopefully) over.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you’ve made any sort of dedication to be kinder to yourself, to practice more effective self-care or anything of the sort, then you should be willing to act on it. It’s not just about what you can do to improve your own mental health, but acknowledging that you, like everyone else, are prone to moments where you need a little help. Learning to ask for help with your mental health can take a tremendous burden off your shoulders, and lead to healthier practices in the future.


Turn to your faith

Indeed, as has been the case for thousands of years, a lot of people can find solace in their faith. Not only can it offer peace of mind to engage with the thoughts of a higher power that cares for and loves you, but it can offer valuable time away from your own worries. Spring is a perfect time to remember the story of easter, and to read bible verses about Jesus’ resurrection. It’s not just a distraction, it’s a way to reflect on the nature of your own struggles and trials, to put them in perspective, but also to understand that your suffering is understood and you are cared for.


Get out and into that nature

If the world is changing around you, then one of the best ways to get used to the shift in the paradigm is to throw yourself into it. With the winter thaw happening, it might be your first chance to spend real time outdoors in months. As such, take the opportunity to connect with nature, go for walks, find new places of beauty near you, and let the sunlight and fresh air do their good work.


With the tips above, hopefully, it should be a little easier to bring balance to things and find the calm that can keep you going as the year gets rolling in earnest.

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