A Natural Way to Reduce Anxiety: Binaural Acoustics

Natural Way to Reduce Anxiety

  By: Erin Stair, MD, MPH A natural way to reduce stress and anxiety is to listen to binaural acoustics. They are my go-to when I feel anxious or am having difficulty falling or staying asleep. I also use them when I have premenstrual cramps, since binaural acoustics at specific frequencies have been shown to […]

My Long First Date with Death

My Long First Date with Death

  My Long First Date with Death By: Erin Stair MD, MPH Still crusty-eyed, I sluggishly walk into the New York City hospital’s musty surgical on-call room. It’s 6 AM and still dark out. To lighten the mood, I start joking with the other medical students, identically dressed in loose-fitting, light-blue scrubs. All of us would […]

Medicating Normal

Medicating Normal

What does medicating normal mean? Does it happen? Should we refrain from medicating emotions and feelings that are perfectly normal given the circumstances? These and related topics will be discussed in this Causes or Cures podcast episode. In this episode , I chat with Wendy Ractcliffe and Angela Peacock about the documentary film, Medicating Normal. […]

Natural Remedy for PTSD: the Sound Approach

Natural Remedy for PTSD

By: Erin Stair, MD, MPH Is there a natural remedy for PTSD? This is an area that is exploding with research and interest as more and more people with PTSD want to find natural forms of therapy. This is especially true for veterans. Many veterans are looking for alternative approaches to help with the symptoms […]

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