Proteins in the Brain that Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Proteins in the brain to prevent Alzheimer's

Are there proteins in the brain that prevent Alzheimer’s? In a recent Causes or Cures episode, I chatted with Dr. Nicholas Seyfried about his research on a protein(s) in the brain that may hold the key to making people resilient to Alzheimer’s Disease, a growing concern in western nations with aging populations and those who have […]

NYC is Sinking?

Is NYC Sinking

NYC is Sinking?!? If you live in NYC, you’re probably like, “Oh, just another thing to worry about.”  High taxes, unhoused individuals increasing by the day, the litter, the great “smoke shop” takeover, subway violence and now…sinking?!?  Yes, NYC has its issues…mostly because it’s a big city with lots of people, and more people equals […]

What are Gene-Drive Mosquitoes?

What are gene-drive mosquitoes

What are Gene-Drive mosquitoes, sometimes called GDMMs, and how are they different than genetically modified mosquitoes (GMMs)? There’s a lot of concern over what genetically modified mosquitoes are and what they can and cannot do. Could they prevent thousands of people from dying of malaria or could they disrupt ecosystems or create “mutant” mosquitoes that […]

What is the Obesity Paradox & The Excess Weight Prob

What is the Obesity Paradox

What is the Obesity Paradox? In short, it’s an observation in epidemiological studies that those with BMIs in the “obese category” actually have a lower risk of mortality from certain diseases, such as cardiovascular disease or cancer. Since one would most likely think that obesity does not come with such a health benefit, it’s called […]

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