Universal Antivenom: Using Tim Friede’s Blood to Make It

Venom Expert Tim Friede

Universal antivenom: Is it possible?

One company is hoping to make it based entirely off of one man’s blood. Venom Expert Tim Friede recently joined the Causes or Cures Podcast to tell his fascinating story.

In this episode of Causes or Cures, I chatted with venom expert Tim Friede about his twenty plus years’ “unusual” journey with the world’s most venomous snakes.  Seeking protection from snake bites, Tim purposely injected himself with diluted venom at escalating doses until he achieved a level of hyperimmunity unknown to humans. Working by himself in his Wisconsin home, Tim achieved the uncanny ability of being purposely bitten by the world’s deadliest snakes, including cobras, rattlers, black mambas, et al and surviving with no major side effects. He has been bitten by snakes at least 200 times. He has had some close calls, which he discusses in the podcast.
Understanding that his blood was an anomalous, potentially life-saving stew for future victims of snake bites, Tim joined forces with Jacob Glanville, founder of biotech company Centivax, to create the world’s first fully human broad-spectrum antivenom. In the podcast, Tim explains how Centivax is using his blood to do this and where they are in their research to create universal antivenom.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Tim and learned a lot. Many listeners have written me and/or called me after this episode to ask if it is 100% true. It is true. You can check out Centivax and learn more about Tim and their research. The company is pretty neat- not only are they working on a universal antivenom but they are trying to create something that would prevent all future pandemics. Like a universal vaccine or something.

Anyhow, definitely don’t skip this podcast on the unconventional creation of universal antivenom. Slither on over to here and listen to it. I promise, it’s super cool.

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