7 Health Issues You Should Not Treat at Home

By: Tim Bailey

Not scientifically reviewed by Dr. Eeks

So, you fancy yourself a bit of a DIY health guru, huh? While a little home remedy might fix a mild headache or a scrape, some ailments require a tad more expertise than a YouTube tutorial can provide. Before you reach for the duct tape and the essential oils, let’s talk about those health issues you definitely shouldn’t try to fix on your kitchen counter.


  1. Dental Dramas: No DIY Dentistry


Got a toothache that makes you cringe every time you sip something cold? This is no time for amateur hour. Avoid the temptation to play dentist. Tooth problems can escalate quicker than you can say “root canal.” Leave the drills and the dental dams to the professionals, and check out these important questions to ask my dentist, unless you want your smile to look like it’s been curated by Picasso.


  1. Chest Pain: More Serious Than a Heartbreak


If your chest starts to feel like there’s an elephant sitting on it, it’s not the time to mull it over with a cup of tea. Chest pain can be a sign of something as serious as a heart attack. Drop the home remedies and dial emergency services. Fast.


  1. Severe Burns: Not Just a Kitchen Blunder


Burned yourself while trying to whip up some gourmet mac and cheese? If it’s more than just a tiny blister, skip the butter or ice. Serious burns can need specialized treatment to heal properly and minimize scarring. Get thee to a medical professional!


  1. Sudden Severe Headaches: No Ordinary Migraine


If your head suddenly feels like it’s splitting in two and it’s not just from listening to your neighbor’s terrible garage band, get it checked out. Especially if it comes on like a clap of thunder—doctors call it a “thunderclap headache,” and it can be very serious.


  1. Animal Bites: More Than Just a Nip


Was Fido not so friendly today? Animal bites can lead to serious infections and even rabies, depending on your furry antagonist. Don’t just slap a band-aid on it and call it a day. Visit a doctor to make sure it’s properly cleaned and treated.


  1. Broken Bones: Don’t Just ‘Walk It Off’


Feel a snap after an epic fall? A homemade splint isn’t going to cut it. Broken bones need professional alignment and stabilization. Unless you want to start a new fashion trend with a wonky arm, see a doctor.


  1. Eye Injuries: No Winking Matter


Got something in your eye more stubborn than a popcorn kernel at the movies? Avoid the urge to rinse it out with tap water or, heaven forbid, try to fish it out with tweezers. Eye injuries can go from bad to worse real quick. Keep it closed and head to urgent care.


Your health is nothing to gamble with by going the DIY route on serious issues. When in doubt, it’s always better to check it out—professionally. Leave the home remedies to the reality TV stars and get yourself to someone who’s paid a lot of money to know a whole lot more than Google.

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