Laughter Yoga, my First

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga? A prescription for everyone, perhaps. The below interview portions are taken from an interview I did with Dr. Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga, several years ago.  I love when science supports clichés. It’s fun when it works out like that. “Everything in Moderation.” “You are What You Eat.” “An Ounce of Prevention […]

Sidelined-How Women Manage and Mismanage Their Health


  Sidelined, How Women Manage and Mismanage Their Health is a book written by Susan Salenger that I recently read. Susan, along with her husband, managed Salenger Films, a company which created corporate training and development films. When her kids grew up, she took anthropology classes at UCLA, which served as the motivation behind Sidelined. […]

Searching for the Cause of Havana Syndrome, with Dr. James Giordano

Cause of Havana Syndrome

What is the cause of Havana Syndrome? This is a question that has puzzled numerous scientists, agencies and genuinely curious people following Havana Syndrome in the news. In a recent Causes or Cures podcast episode, I had a conversation with Dr. James Giordano about narrowing down the list for what causes Havana Syndrome. It was […]

Monitoring Blood Pressure, for a Silent Epidemic?

blood pressure monitoring

Is high blood pressure a silent epidemic? Should we be monitoring blood pressure in a different way? I know what you’re thinking…just what we need! Another epidemic! We already have COVID, obesity and opioids. Well, some people think high blood pressure is also an epidemic, albeit one happening silently. And they think we should be […]

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