Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: What Indigenous Populations Can Teach Us

Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?  The million-dollar question. Rates of dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease, are only increasing in developed nations as scientists race to find treatments and identify preventive strategies. This is a hotbed of research and hopefully answers emerge. The US and other developed nations are “greying populations”, meaning our birth rates are low, and our […]

Regulatory Capture of Science

Regulatory Capture of Science

  Regulatory Capture of Science: Unless you reside under a rock, you know that industry influences governments, regulatory bodies and ultimately health-related policies that affect all of us. And if you have a basic understanding of human nature and the goals of industry, you can safely assume that their influence is biased towards profit overall. […]

Doctor and Industry Relationships: Transparency is Not Enough.

Doctor and Industry Relationships

Doctor and Industry Relationships: Transparency is Not Enough. Hi everyone. If you are a listener of Causes or Cures Health Podcast, you’ll know that one topic I am focusing on for 2022 is industry’s influence on health and health policy. My goal is to bring on experts and researchers who study this stuff in a […]

Truth-Seeking: A Caveat to be Aware of

Caveat of Truth-Seeking

The Caveat of Truth-Seeking: By: Dr. Eeks   I posted the following on Instagram and Twitter: “Criticize crony-capitalistic influences. There’s enough legitimate material there. Try to avoid conspiracy theories that will make it harder to be taken seriously and create viable, positive change. If you aren’t sure where something stands, ask more questions.” I don’t […]

Epistemic Corruption, Drug Companies & Med. Science

Epistemic Corruption

Epistemic Corruption, Drug Companies and the Medical Sciences. Hi everyone. Episode 93 of Causes or Cures is posted! For those who are new to the party, welcome. One of the podcast topics I plan to focus on for 2022 is industry’s influence on healthcare, public health and health policy. Their influence is wide-reaching, so when […]

Drug Companies Influence Drug Decisions

Drug Companies Influence Drug

Drug Companies Influence Drug Decisions: New Podcast Posted! Hi everyone! In episode 91 of my podcast Causes or Cures, I interviewed Dr. Lisa Parker about her research on how drug companies influence drug and therapeutic decisions in hospitals. Dr. Parker is a clinician specializing in oncology (cancer) and a researcher. Her area of research focuses […]

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