Causes or Cures Podcast

Hi guys! I want to invite you to listen to my grassroots podcast, Causes or Cures, that features health and medical topics not often covered in the mainstream. Some of the topics are highly controversial. Some are wonderfully entertaining. Many of the personal health stories are intimate, candid and eye-opening. Some of the therapies discussed might be questionable, but all of this is okay. My job is to continually explore and maintain an open mind. I try to maintain a healthy mix of top doctors and experts in their field and persons with compelling health stories. I do, however, want to make it clear that the podcast is not medical advice. It’s information, stories, discussions…but never medical advice.

I record the podcast in my NYC apartment and record all of the interviews via Skype, which allows me to connect with interesting people all over the world. Sometimes there are sound issues, ( I live in a loud city with a dog who sometimes barks), but not too much interference, and everyone gets their points across. It’s a low-budget, after-work, very organic, raw podcast. And that’s exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want any bells and whistles or massive sponsors or  anything too high tech. I wanted to control it and have fun with it. The beauty of this is that you, the listener, are getting the real deal: Just honest, curious, passionate conversations with no ulterior motives.

To listen via our podcast website, visit here: Causes or Cures 

You can also listen on Apple here: Causes or Cures 

Or on Spotify , if you prefer: Causes or Cures



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