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The Holistic Psychologist, Nicole LePera


Erin Stair, MD, MPH

In this episode of Causes Or Cures,  Holistic Psychologist Nicole LePera  talks about her own personal journey and health struggles, her approach to overcoming them and how that experience, plus her experience with others as a professionally trained psychologist, guided her approach to healing the mind and body. With Blooming Wellness’ Dr. Stair (me!),  Dr. LePera talks about what “holistic” truly means,  whether the holistic lifestyle is accessible to everyone, how aging affects mindset, how to handle the challenges of social media and use it in a way that’s beneficial for the mind and body, and the steps anyone can take, right now, to enhance his/her mind-body wellness journey. She’s also very candid about facing obstacles and what keeps her motivated.

Holistic Psychologist  Nicole LePera was trained at Cornell University and The New School as a traditional psychologist and went on to find the Mindful Healing Center in Philadelphia, where she focuses on relationships, gut health, sleep, cellular health, belief and mindfulness.She has over a million followers on Instagram, and you can follow her here.

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