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Tobacco Companies Controlled Food Companies

With Dr. Eeks (59)

I had no idea that tobacco companies controlled food companies once upon a time. It even appears that they weren’t just successful at getting us hooked on cigarettes but junk food as well. Imagine being so, um, multitalented? In a recent episode of Causes or Cures, I chatted with Dr. Tera Fazzino about her research […]

What is Life-Enhancing Anxiety?

What is life-enhancing anxiety

What is Life-Enhancing Anxiety and how do we get there? We mostly associate negative things with anxiety, so I was excited to chat with a psychologist and expert in his field about the possibility of good things coming from anxiety. In a recent episode of Causes or Cures, I chatted with Dr. Kirk Schneider about […]

HPV and Throat Cancer in Men

HPV and Throat Cancer in Men

  HPV and throat cancer in men? What’s the scoop on that? By the way, I shouldn’t necessarily say just “men” here because HPV can cause throat cancer in anyone. The reason I wrote “men” is because most people only associate HPV, the most common sexually transmitted disease, as a virus that can cause cancer […]

What Happened When the US Tried Universal Healthcare for Kidney Failure?

when the us tried universal healthcare

What happened when the US tried universal healthcare for kidney failure? If you’re furrowing right now, you’re not alone. I didn’t know the US tried universal healthcare for anything. David Krissman, a filmmaker and documentarian, contacted me after he heard the podcast I did with Elaine Perlman, in which she describes what it was like […]

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New Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis?

New Treatments on Multiple Sclerosis

Are there new treatments for multiple sclerosis on the horizon? The answer is maybe. They are currently still in “testing” mode, but things look promising. This is great news for anyone with multiple sclerosis or anyone who knows anyone with this debilitating disease that tends to hit people in their younger years. In a recent […]

NYC is Sinking?

Is NYC Sinking

NYC is Sinking?!? If you live in NYC, you’re probably like, “Oh, just another thing to worry about.”  High taxes, unhoused individuals increasing by the day, the litter, the great “smoke shop” takeover, subway violence and now…sinking?!?  Yes, NYC has its issues…mostly because it’s a big city with lots of people, and more people equals […]

Is Adding Milk to Coffee Antiinflammatory?

Adding Milk to Coffee Antiinflammatory

Is adding milk to coffee antiinflammatory? Coffee is known to have anti-inflammatory effects, and a lot of people might assume that adding milk to coffee doesn’t have any health benefit or may even reduce the anti-inflammatory effect. A lot of people add some kind of milk to their coffee, mostly to make it taste better. […]

Searching for the Cause of Havana Syndrome, with Dr. James Giordano

Cause of Havana Syndrome

What is the cause of Havana Syndrome? This is a question that has puzzled numerous scientists, agencies and genuinely curious people following Havana Syndrome in the news. In a recent Causes or Cures podcast episode, I had a conversation with Dr. James Giordano about narrowing down the list for what causes Havana Syndrome. It was […]

Monitoring Blood Pressure, for a Silent Epidemic?

blood pressure monitoring

Is high blood pressure a silent epidemic? Should we be monitoring blood pressure in a different way? I know what you’re thinking…just what we need! Another epidemic! We already have COVID, obesity and opioids. Well, some people think high blood pressure is also an epidemic, albeit one happening silently. And they think we should be […]

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