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How the Food Industry Influences Public Health Policy

How the Food Industry Influences Public Health Policy

How the Food Industry Influences Public Health Policy: Hi everyone! If you are a frequent listener of Causes or Cures, you’ll notice that I’ve focused a lot on the relationship between industry and health policy. Mostly drug companies, but this podcast will explore how the food industry influences public health policy. My guest is an […]

History of Psychedelic Medicine (And the Future)

History of Psychedelic Medicine

  The history of psychedelic medicine…and what might happen in the future: The prospect of psychedelic medicine is (once again) all the range, particularly its usefulness for various psychiatric conditions. I became interested in psychedelic medicine, because people I knew from my Army days began turning to it to help with things like PTS, depression, […]

Deer to Human COVID Transmission?

Deer to Human COVID Transmission

Deer to Human COVID Transmission? A first case may have been identified. Hi guys. on a past episode of my podcast Causes or Cures, I interviewed a researcher at Penn State University who talked about his study into COVID-19 viral spillover into white-tailed deer from humans. He discussed the evidence for it and how viral […]

My Long First Date with Death

Made by Canva

  My Long First Date with Death By: Dr. Eeks  (This is based on an experience I had during medical school.) Still crusty-eyed, I sluggishly walk into the New York City hospital’s musty surgical on-call room. It’s 6 AM and still dark out. To lighten the mood, I start joking with the other medical students, identically […]

Polygamy and Mental Health: A Convo with SisterWives Founders

Polygamy and mental health

Polygamy and Mental Health…what’s that about? Interview & Blog by Dr. Eeks Hi guys. Below is a fun, casual, organic, informative and entertaining conversation I had with Christopher and Robyn Alesich about polygamy and mental health. They are married to each other, polygamists and founders of SisterWives.Com, the largest polygamy dating site and the only […]

Fat Shaming Celebrities and What that Does to Us

Fat-Shaming with Amanda Ravary

  What effect does fat shaming celebrities have on those of us who see and hear it? Have you ever been fat shamed? I have. I remember the day vividly, because one always remembers the day he or she was fat shamed. I was in junior high and in the teachers’ lounge getting my homeroom […]

Sleep Better, Sleep Like a CavePerson

Sleep Better with a ZENBand and ZENTones

      By: Dr. Eeks Want to know how to sleep better ? It’s to sleep like a Cave Person. Truly. Below is a “Fall Asleep” routine that I use. It is all natural and may be useful to you. It also may not be useful to you, as there are no guarantees. Good […]

Holistic Psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera, a Convo

The Holistic Psychologist, Nicole LePera

    In this episode of Causes Or Cures, Holistic Psychologist Nicole LePera talks with Dr. Eeks about her own personal journey and health struggles, her approach to overcoming them and how that experience, plus her experience with others as a professionally trained psychologist, guided her approach to healing the mind and body.  Dr. LePera […]

How Oscar Wilde Cured My Depression

How Oscar Wilde Cured My Depression

HOw Oscar Wilde CURED my depression? Yes, cured is a strong word, but I used it anyhow. By: Dr. Eeks When I became depressed, I was also anxious, stressed, sleep-deprived, eating terribly and poorly focused. I was everything BAD and the embodiment of the Chicken/Egg dilemma, as I had no way of knowing if poor […]

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