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The Fungus Killer Named After Keanu Reeves

Fungus Killer Named after Keanu Reeves

A fungus killer named after Keanu Reeves was recently trending in the mainstream news. It gained traction because it was named after Keanu Reeves, but how it works and why it may prove very beneficial for humans, and those we share the world with, got lost in adoration for Keanu. Still, and from a scientific […]

Daily Steps and Risk of Disease

daily steps and risk of disease

  Daily steps and risk of disease, a new Causes or Cures Podcast on recent scientific research. Many people wonder if there is a magic number of steps we should be taking to lower our risk of disease and/or death. While it seems intuitive that more steps is always better, sometimes you see diminishing returns […]

At-home Ketamine for Anxiety & Depression: An Interview with Mindbloom

At-home Ketamine for Anxiety

At-home Ketamine for anxiety and depression…sounds interesting but does it work? There is an explosion of interest in how psychedelics and other kinds of alternatives might be used to treat depression and anxiety, diseases that are notoriously difficult to treat, particularly for the long-term. Further, lots of prescribed medication for anxiety and depression come with […]

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Real-Time Prediction of COVID Vaccines

Real-time prediction of COVID vaccines

The first real-time prediction of COVID Vaccines has been created by a team of researchers in Hong Kong. I was lucky to talk to one of the lead researchers, Professor Maggie Wang, on my Causes or Cures Podcast. Obviously, durability of COVID vaccines and how well they work against, what seems like, an endless army […]

MonkeyPox Outbreak in Nigeria, Started in 2017…

MonkeyPox Outbreak in Nigeria

An unusual monkeypox outbreak in Nigeria started in 2017 after the country hadn’t see a human case in40 years and is ongoing till this day. Unfortunately, it wasn’t discussed (or even referenced) in the mainstream media until now, 2022, when the outbreak spilled over into the wealthy countries. While conspiracy theories, anxiety-inducing headlines and panic […]

How the Food Industry Influences Public Health Policy

How the Food Industry Influences Public Health Policy

How the Food Industry Influences Public Health Policy: Hi everyone! If you are a frequent listener of Causes or Cures, you’ll notice that I’ve focused a lot on the relationship between industry and health policy. Mostly drug companies, but this podcast will explore how the food industry influences public health policy. My guest is an […]

Evidence for Intermittent Fasting

Evidence for Intermitent Fasting

The Evidence for Intermittent Fasting: The latest Causes or Cures Podcast is posted! I’ve done a couple episodes on Intermittent Fasting (IF) before, but I was excited about this one because my guest conducts many of the trials currently being done on IF. I feel like the more “wellnessy” circles were interested in IF for […]

History of Psychedelic Medicine (And the Future)

History of Psychedelic Medicine

  The history of psychedelic medicine…and what might happen in the future: The prospect of psychedelic medicine is (once again) all the range, particularly its usefulness for various psychiatric conditions. I became interested in psychedelic medicine, because people I knew from my Army days began turning to it to help with things like PTS, depression, […]

Deer to Human COVID Transmission?

Deer to Human COVID Transmission

Deer to Human COVID Transmission? A first case may have been identified. Hi guys. on a past episode of my podcast Causes or Cures, I interviewed a researcher at Penn State University who talked about his study into COVID-19 viral spillover into white-tailed deer from humans. He discussed the evidence for it and how viral […]

Industry’s Influence on Health: UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Groups

Industry's Influence on Health

Hi guys. Continuing our exploration of the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on health and health policy at a global level, in this Causes or Cures podcast, I have a conversation with Emily Rickard about her research on how the industry influences the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Groups. She will explain what the All-Party Parliamentary Groups, particularly the […]

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