Opioids or Marijuana? A Podcast with a Spoonie

Opioids and Marijuana



Opioids or marijuana? Some people say increasing access to marijuana, or making it legal, will reduce their use of opioids and therefore the potential for opioid addiction. What do you think?

The second episode of my podcast Causes Or Cures is posted, and hopefully with only few interruptions from my pup, Barnaby. I record the Causes or Cures episodes from my apartment in New York City,  and since Barnaby is here all of the time, well, sometimes he barks.  Hope that doesn’t bother you too much.

Anyhow, in this episode, I chat with a woman named Amanda Anderson. Amanda has a really interesting personal story and runs a large digital support group for Spoonies. What’s a Spoonie? Listen to find out. And, yes, being a Spoonie is related to the overall essential question.

We talk a lot about two timely topics in this episode: Opioids and Marijuana, with the essential questions being: Are opioids the cause of an epidemic or a genuine treatment for folks with chronic pain? Are folks with chronic pain being punished as a result of the opioid epidemic? Will increasing access to marijuana reduce opioid use? Opioids or marijuana…what would you choose?

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