Nuclear Power and Climate Change



Nuclear power and climate change. It’s a heated topic to say the least.


Talks about climate change are heavy and ongoing. You often hear, especially from fans of The Green New Deal,  “We literally only have 12 years to fix the problem!”  Is that hyperbolic, or is that the truth?

While there are various governmental committees working on solutions to reduce carbon emissions, one thing we don’t hear a lot about is nuclear power. No one really dives into the details of nuclear power. Nuclear power sounds scary and turns a lot of people off. But what exactly is it and how does it compare to oil and coal? What’s the real story between nuclear power and climate change? What are the risks and the benefits? Should nuclear power be part of the cure for man-made global warming or will it cause a host of problems?

In this episode of Causes Or Cures, Dr. Andy Karam discusses nuclear power in detail and its potential role in reducing carbon emissions. Andy has a doctorate degree in environmental sciences and a masters degree in geological sciences. He’s a graduate of the Naval Chemistry and Radiological Controls School and the Naval Nuclear Power School. Since 1981, Andy has worked in the radiation safety field. He started out working for the Navy and designed numerous radiation safety courses for the military and universities, including The University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, American University of Kosovo and The Center for Advanced Defense Studies. He’s a board-certified international consultant for all radiological and nuclear matters, including radiological terrorism, and has consulted for the NYPD Counter-terrorism division, NYC Department of Health, NASA Lewis Research Center, Honeywell, International Atomic Energy Agency, Panama Canal, the Canadian Army, Constellation Energy group and more. He’s worked as a professor and has written over 200 peer-reviewed articles, several books and over 100 technical papers on the subject. This only touches on his extensive CV. For his full bio, please visit Dr. Karam’s website here.  


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