Medical Trivia: The Orange Man

Hey guys,

So I started a new category here on the blog and on my Instagram page: Medical Trivia! Why am I doing this? Because I get a little buzz, I’ll call it my “Nerd Buzz,” every time I stumble across an interesting or elusive medical or health fact. I decided not to keep these facts to myself and share them with you all! How in the world could these benefit you? Well, um, I’ve come up with a few ways:

  1. Perhaps, you too will get the Nerd Buzz
  2. You can wow your family, friends or date at dinner (I admit, you might scare them too.)
  3. You’ll learn something new? (That’s cool, right?)
  4. You might be a contestant on Jeopardy and Medical Trivia will be a category
  5. You’re a doctor, nurse, medical student or public health professiona and love this stuff
  6. Um…um…, okay, I really have no idea.

This first fact has to do with the video I posted about my favorite “magic” skincare drink. He’s not the only documented case of this by the way, and it’s something to think about if you or a loved one wakes up orange one day. By the way, I read the short story, “The Orange Man.” It’s in one of my favorite books, Medical Detectives, that is a collection of epidemiological gems. If you get a chance to read it, do. It’s a classic.

Anyow, here is the first Medical Trivia:

Medical Trivia


Thanks for…playing?  ;)

Don’t forget to check out ZENBands, my humorous book on the world of wellness and my health podcast, Causes or Cures. Seriously, guys, the guests I have lined up for next week are going to be THE BOMB!  If you’re even remotely nerdy, Causes or Cures is for you.


One Response to “Medical Trivia: The Orange Man”

  1. My parents knew a German child when they were stationed in Germany who was orange for this very reason!

    Could this be how the Sesame Street character got his name?? He’s red with an orange nose….

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