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Medical Trivia: The Orange Man

Medical Trivia

Hey guys, So I started a new category here on the blog and on my Instagram page: Medical Trivia! Why am I doing this? Because I get a little buzz, I’ll call it my “Nerd Buzz,” every time I stumble across an interesting or elusive medical or health fact. I decided not to keep these […]

Should Kids Go Back to School during the Coronavirus

Should kids go back to school and the Coronavirus, with Dr. Jonas Ludvigsson

Whether or not kids should go back to school during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a hot topic with strong opinions on both sides of the issue.  This includes expert public health opinions on both sides of the issue, so it’s not as if all the public health professionals support one side over the other. […]

When to Wear a Face Mask

When to Wear a Face Mask

  It seems like everyone is fighting over when to wear a face mask. Some people don’t want to wear one at all. I just hopped on Twitter and was blessed with watching a video of a man telling his viewers that they can take their face masks and stick it where the sun doesn’t […]

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