My Magic SkinCare Juice Trick!

Dr. Erin Stair

Hey you,

I wanted to share a video from my Instagram TV page, in which I explain one of my top 5 “magic skincare” juice recipes! For the record, I don’t do anything to my skin that isn’t natural. That is my preference, plus I think the power that our diets & a good night’s sleep impact the health of our skin far exceeds anything invasive. What can I say? Nature is my boss. 😉

The video link is below. Pay attention to why I use tomato paste and not tomatoes. I also mention face yoga in the video. Face yoga is now a regular part of my workouts. The best part is that you can do face yoga while you’re working out other parts of your body. Yeah, you might look a little silly, but who cares? You’re strenghtening your jaw, face and neck muscles to avoid saggy skin in the future. Dare to look silly! 😉  This video focuses on my “magic” juice, but I promise to write more about face yoga and the exercises that I find most beneficial.

Also, if you haven’t yet, please check out my health podcast, Causes Or Cures, on which I feature experts on timely topics. If you are into health and wellness, I promise you will find an episode to listen to. It’s all grassroots, so no ads and no sponsors. Just me and an expert guest having a conversation.  For example, there’s one on the best and worst CBD Products, and how many CBD products have highly misleading claims and ingredient lists. I’ve also done a lot of episodes on hot health topics related to COVID-19, like this one on who is really at risk for strokes after infection with COVID.

Okay..I have a busy day today, so I’m going to cut this short. Here’s the link and def say Hi on Instagram if you’re on there! I read all the comments.

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