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Medical Trivia: Till Death Do Us Part? Nah.

Medical Trivia time! What happens when a beautiful woman with TB comes to see a radiology tech? Something far outside the boundaries of your imagination. The interesting thing about this piece of trivia is that the man continued to see patients during the day, as a radiology tech, while “she” waited for him at home, […]

Medical Trivia: How the CIA Hurt Public Health

How the CIA Hurt Public Health

Hey guys, if you enjoy these “Medical Trivia” bits, just a reminder that they are all collected in one spot in my Instagram Highlights section. Not many people know this one below. This tidbit of trivia is interesting to think about right now, when the government is REALLY encouraging us all to get the COVID […]

Medical Trivia: What Really Ailed Tiny Tim?

Medical Trivia

This is a fun medical trivia tidbit, mostly because millions of people watch A Christmas Carol during the holiday season. While Tiny Tim IS a fictional character, his symptoms portray an actual illness. Here’s what the experts think:   And…here is ONE more medical trivia piece for the holidays. How many people get injured by […]

Medical Trivia: STDS and Poetry

Medical Trivia

Most of the time, sex is associated with poetry. But at least one STD is. Ladies and Gents, for your next dinner party ( virtual or not), you can wow your guests with the below tidbit. Also, if you are interested in my collection of Medical Trivia tidbits thus far, you can find them in […]

Medical Trivia: The Case of the Wrong Monkey

Medical Trivia

More medical trivia coming your way!  I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I enjoy sharing them. I thought this one was especially interesting, since we’re in the throes of a pandemic and vaccine research is in the news. It shows how one altruistic and seemingly scientific move from a well-respected and esteemed […]

Medical Trivia: Truth Serum

Medical Trivia

Here’s another Medical Trivia gem for you guys! It’s crazy to think that people actually used this as “truth serum”  to convict people of major crimes. These are all organized on my Instagram page, by the way. Feel free to share them too! – Dr. E      

Medical Trivia: A Miracle or Science?

The Only Woman to Survive Rabies

Hi guys! I’m reposting my “Medical Trivia” bits from my Instagram page. If you like them, there is a “Medical Trivia” Highlights section on my Insta page, and you can check them all out there! I think these are fun, and I enjoy posting them, so hope you enjoy reading them. – Erin

Medical Trivia: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Medical Trivia

A little Medical Trivia to start your Monday. ;)  ( At least it’s Monday when I’m posting this.) To read more of these, follow my Instagram page. I have them all neatly organized in a “Highlights” Section. By the way, Lewis Carroll and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a great case study for psychology too.

Medical Trivia: The Orange Man

Medical Trivia

Hey guys, So I started a new category here on the blog and on my Instagram page: Medical Trivia! Why am I doing this? Because I get a little buzz, I’ll call it my “Nerd Buzz,” every time I stumble across an interesting or elusive medical or health fact. I decided not to keep these […]

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