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Do EMF Shields Work? No.

EMF Shields Don't Work

Hi guys. When you work in wellness, you’ll encounter EMF shields. They are everywhere. Sometimes they come in the form of tiny magnets that you can stick on your devices or sometimes they are types of special clothes or even crystals. A lot of my readers who are concerned about EMF radiation have written me […]

My Thoughts on Health Information Censorship

Health Information Censorship

  From Youtube: https://youtu.be/2A6_ApmndF8   From my Facebook Wellness Page: Click here to watch You can also watch the same video ( and other ones I made) on my Instagram TV Channel here. Thanks for watching, guys. And I look forward to your thoughts on this topic. I think it’s an important one. If you […]

My Long First Date with Death

Made by Canva

  My Long First Date with Death By: Dr. Eeks  (This is based on an experience I had during medical school.) Still crusty-eyed, I sluggishly walk into the New York City hospital’s musty surgical on-call room. It’s 6 AM and still dark out. To lighten the mood, I start joking with the other medical students, identically […]

Meet Elsha: Designer of ZENBands

Elsha Stockseth

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I had the chance to update the blog, but here we are. I’ve been busy with public health consulting and medical writing work, but I’ve also been busy with my Causes or Cures health podcast. I’ve been so blessed to have amazing people on as guests, Elsha being […]

COVID and Strokes: Who’s at Risk?

Coronavirus and Strokes: Who's at Risk?

A lot of my friends and readers have been asking me about the covid and strokes.  A few folks have sent me articles from newspapers and online blogs featuring harrowing stories related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and strokes. One article I read was about a 45 year old man who tested positive for COVID-19. He […]

Fuel for the Fire: Inconsistent Public Health Messaging, Politics & Profit


  By Dr. Eeks, MD, MPH (My own opinion & not reflective I’ve anyone I work for) For a field that was already fighting for trust, Public Health is in trouble due to the inconsistency in messaging regarding the pandemic. I’ve spent the last week listening to angry people on the phone and reading their […]

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Evidence for the Keto Diet

Evidence for The Keto Diet

    What is the evidence for the Keto diet? Do the risks outweigh the benefits? The Keto diet is incredibly popular. Passionate followers say they feel significantly better on the Keto diet, lose weight and even have better lab values. I have a few friends ( and readers of the Blooming Wellness blog) who […]

Survive a Nuclear Bomb: How to Do It with Dr. Andrew Karam

How to survive a nuclear bomb

    How to survive a nuclear bomb, a conversation with world-wide nuclear radiation expert Dr. Andrew Karam; A new episode of my Causes or Cures Podcast. Most people think that it’s impossible to survive a nuclear bomb. It is if you’re stuck in the fallout plume or come outside before it’s safe and get […]

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Fat Shaming Celebrities and What that Does to Us

Fat-Shaming with Amanda Ravary

  What effect does fat shaming celebrities have on those of us who see and hear it? Have you ever been fat shamed? I have. I remember the day vividly, because one always remembers the day he or she was fat shamed. I was in junior high and in the teachers’ lounge getting my homeroom […]

Alkaline Water and its Health Claims

The Faulty Health Claims of Alkaline Water

By: Dr. Eeks Unless you’ve never set foot into a natural health store, you’ve heard of alkaline water and its health claims. Alkaline water, or high pH water,  is a very popular wellness product and one you’ll see in natural stores across the country. Along with alkaline water, the alkaline diet is also very popular, […]

Mental Health & The Political Climate, with Gabriel Nathan

Mental Health and the Political Climate

What’s going on with our collective and individual mental health and the current political climate? Do you think the current political climate is impacting our mental health at all…, or are you living under a rock? If you are living under a rock, do you have room for a few more?  Just kidding, sort of.  […]

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