My Thoughts on Health Information Censorship

Health Information Censorship


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Thanks for watching, guys.

And I look forward to your thoughts on this topic. I think it’s an important one. If you visit my social media pages, you’ll realize that I welcome discussions and don’t delete comments that go against “my” narrative. Or even ones that call me creative insults. I DO judge your insults, though. Like, if they aren’t creative, I sigh a little. ;)

Like I say in the video, the most dangerous thing is not hearing information that is counter to my, or anyone’s, narrative. The most dangerous thing is losing our ability to respond. Worse yet, censorship will lead to people migrating to new sites that create vacuums of one-sided information. That will happen, because we can’t stop the democratic sharing of information, which IS the heart of the internet. While misinformation is an issue, we need to come up with more creative ways than censorship to manage it.

PS: People asked me where I got the shirt I’m wearing in the video. I got it at the NY Public Library. They have some great shirts there. ;)




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