Mental Health & The Political Climate, with Gabriel Nathan

Mental Health and the Political Climate

What’s going on with our collective and individual mental health and the current political climate? Do you think the current political climate is impacting our mental health at all…, or are you living under a rock? If you are living under a rock, do you have room for a few more?  Just kidding, sort of.  ;)

There’s been a surge of requests for therapists due to stress, anxiety and relationship troubles due to the current political situation. Social media sites are saturated with tribal and reductive back-and-forths that only increase our individual and collective sense of angst. Long-term friendships have dissolved, marriages have ended, Twitter is a battlefield and toxic stress is the name of the game. In short, we’ve come a long way, baby.

In this Causes or Cures episode, Dr. Erin Stair (me)  chats with Gabriel Nathan, chief editor of OC87 Recovery Stories, about the state of our mental health in the current political climate, why our interactions are toxic and broken, and what can be done to improve our interactions and move us towards recovery.

Be mindful that specific people and events are mentioned in this podcast, and though not the intent, some things mentioned might offend or anger you. Gabe and I have different political opinions, but let this serve as a fair warning to those whose blood pressure rises when politics comes up.


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