The 9 Researched-Based Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease are All Things We Can Work On.

By: Erin Stair, MD, MPH Even though there are things I would love to forget,  I definitely want to do what I can to prevent Alzheimer’s disease when I’m older. I’m hoping, by that time, I’ll have more experiences that I want to remember.  😉 A new study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and […]

A Review on our ZENBand and Fall Asleep ZenTones Program from Combat Veteran Mike

You can plop down anywhere to Zen Out with ZenTones.  ( Just don

The following review on our ZENTones program and ZENBand was submitted by Michael Sweeney in Texas. He’s a combat veteran, and we thank him for his service and are happy to be helping him in return.     “Before incorporating ZenTones into my sleep routine, I mainly relied on medication. The sleep that I was […]

Black Currant Juice for fighting Parkinson’s and Depression


I just started drinking Black  Currant juice made from “Blackadders,” types of black currants from New Zealand.  Usually after I eat lunch, I crave something sweet.  I always try to eat fruit, and now since I am trying to introduce Black Currant juice as a permanent part of my diet, I’m alternating between the juice […]

A review from Combat Veteran, Jonathan Taylor, on our Depression ZenTones Program:

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    The following review was written by Jonathan Taylor, one of our Depression Zentone Program Users:  Although I have always suffered from mild depression, my symptoms have become much more severe since returning from Afghanistan where I was a combat medic in 2009 and 2010. Since that time, my depression come in cycles, and […]

Does Radiation Really Harm Your Baby? Guest post from Radiation Wizard, Dr. Andy Karam


Quick Bio on Andy:  Andy is a radiation safety professional, a scientist and professor, a consultant, and an instructor. He’s also a writer, with over 200 encyclopedia articles and several books in print, and an 8-book series (Controversies in Science, Facts on File) in the works – not to mention his scientific and technical writing (6 […]

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