EMF Shields Don’t Work


EMF Shields Don't Work

EMF shields don’t work. At least 99.9% of them.

That is what I learned in my latest Causes Or Cures podcast featuring Dr. Paul Heroux. Dr. Heroux is an expert on electromagnetism and EMF radiation. He has his PhD in physics and is a researcher who focuses on EMF exposure and biological effects. He is highly published in this area and runs InVitro Plus, a toxicology laboratory out of McGill University Health Center, which is dedicated to studying the therapeutic and pathological effects of electromagnetism. He has analyzed several EMF shields on the market, including their scientific claims, and in the podcast explains why EMF shields don’t work.

That said, Dr. Heroux is clear about where he stands on EMF radiation and biological effects. Exposure to EMF radiation is harmful. EMF exposure comes from things like our cell phones, Bluetooth headphones and other wireless devices, laptops, etc.) The harm ( in the form of neurological dysfunction, cancer, infertility, etc.) may take years to manifest, as is the case with radiation exposure, but despite what the tech and phone companies tell you, the risk is real AND supported by quality evidence. Sadly, the populations most at risk are kids and unborn babies. Birth professionals are increasingly telling pregnant people to minimize their EMF exposure and schools in other countries ( not the USA yet, sadly) are minimizing use of wireless.

We definitely need to find a solution to our growing exposure to EMF radiation, but EMF shields aren’t it. I see them everywhere and have a lot of friends and family members who stick them on their devices, but…they don’t work. Sorry. Listen to my podcast with Dr. Heroux to learn why EMF shields don’t work. In fact, not only do EMF shields not work, they may actually be INCREASING your exposure to EMF radiation. Dr. Heroux explains why in the podcast. He also reaffirmed the beneficial behavioral changes we can make to reliably reduce exposure- things I’ve discussed with other EMF radiation researchers in previous podcasts. ( Most of them also said EMF shields don’t work, but I wanted to talk to Dr. Heroux, an expert in this area, to confirm.)

Some of these behavioral changes include:

1. Connecting to the internet via Fiber Optic cables.

2. Turn your wireless off at home when you aren’t using it.

3. Turn your wireless off at night. ( You can get a meter to set this for you, so you don’t have to manually do it every night.)

4. Distance REALLY matters! Your exposure to EMF radiation decreases by the square of the distance between your body and the EMF-emitting device. What does this practically mean? Keep your phone away from your body as much as possible. Talk using speaker phone. Also keep Bluetooth headphones or ear buds away from your body and precious brains.

5. Use wired headphones, not Bluetooth or wireless.

6. If you are pregnant, don’t put an EMF-emitting device directly on your belly and try to minimize EMF exposure as much as possible.

7 If you have kids, minimize EMF exposure as much as possible.

8. If you have a dog or a cat, make sure they don’t nap near ( or on) an EMF-emitting device.

Thanks for reading and/or listening to the podcast. I think this is an important topic so please share and tell your friends. Especially your pregnant friends and friends with kids. Hope you subscribe to my podcast too!  🙂 –  Erin

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