Do Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kanye West Influence How We Vote? A Chat with Dr. David Jackson:

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Interview by Dr. Eeks I wish all celebrities well, but I don’t care about who they vote for, what products they buy, what food they eat, what clothes they wear, what wellness trend they jump on, or what causes they support.  If I want advice, I listen to people who have experience or credentials related […]

Dr. Gonzalo M. Vazquez-Prokopec on Predicting and Preventing Mosquito-Borne Diseases

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  Interview by Dr. Eeks From nuclear war to mass shootings, we worry about a lot of things that could kill a lot of people. I mostly worry about emerging infectious diseases or EIDs. It could be a vector-borne disease, like ones transmitted by mosquitoes. Dengue fever is an example. It could be a zoonotic […]

World Boxing Champion Mia St. John on Her Current Fight: The State-Sponsored Mental HealthCare System

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A conversation between Mia St. John and Dr. Eeks Hey all! I’m thrilled to feature Mia St. John who is famous for her exceptionally successful international boxing career, most notably being a five time World Boxing champion. Mia is no longer boxing, but she’s still fighting, and in some ways, her greatest opponent. She has […]

Psychiatry & Drug Companies: An Interview with Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Carlat


Hi guys. This is an interview I did a few years ago with psychiatrist Daniel Carlat, M.D. Since the questionable efficacy of antidepressants is in the news (again) and “anti-psychiatry” is trending ( again), I thought it was timely to share. In fact, it’s like we are in the same spot all over again, which […]

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