What is Life-Enhancing Anxiety?

What is Life-Enhancing Anxiety and how do we get there? What is life-enhancing anxiety

We mostly associate negative things with anxiety, so I was excited to chat with a psychologist and expert in his field about the possibility of good things coming from anxiety.

In a recent episode of Causes or Cures, I chatted with Dr. Kirk Schneider about his new book Life-Enhancing Anxiety: Key to a Sane World.  I recently read the book, highlighted and underlined the crap out of it (as I do with all the books I read) and came with questions.  :)

In the podcast, Dr. Schneider tells us more about himself and his own struggle with anxiety and how that got him on the path to discovering life-enhancing anxiety. He explains how we get from a state of anxiety to a state of Awe, and why it’s important that we go through that entire (often difficult) process and not plug or drug it away. He discusses ways to overcome the fear of uncertainty, the COVID pandemic and life-enhancing anxiety, the shortcomings of Positive Psychology and even how life-enhancing anxiety can be used to bridge political divides. On a personal note, the bits about coming to terms with uncertainty really resonated with me. As I wrote about my own breakdown and breakthrough in my book, Manic Kingdom (a book I wrote several years ago now that is based on a true story though somewhat fictionalized for effect), I realized how much of coping is being able to deal with uncertainty and not having answers for big questions. I don’t know if everyone can get to a state of life-enhancing anxiety…but I believe the world would be a more content place if folks could at least be more accepting of uncertainty. The need to have an answer for everything creates a misleading existence.

Who is Dr. Schneider?

Dr. Schneider PhD is a licensed psychologist and leader for contemporary existential-humanistic psychology. He was a 2022 Candidate for President of the American Psychological Association and cofounder and current president of the Existential-Humanistic Institute. He is a presenter of the bridge-building dialogue approach the Experiential Democracy Dialogue and a trained moderator for the conflict mediation group, Braver Angels. He is also a faculty member at Columbia University and Saybrook University. You can learn more about him and his book here.

This was a great and calming (if I may) discussion for me, so I hope you all enjoy the episode and perhaps even get something out of it. To listento “What is Life-Enhancing Anxiety and How do We Get There,” click here. 

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