Proteins in the Brain that Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Are there proteins in the brain that prevent Alzheimer’s? Proteins in the brain to prevent Alzheimer's

In a recent Causes or Cures episode, I chatted with Dr. Nicholas Seyfried about his research on a protein(s) in the brain that may hold the key to making people resilient to Alzheimer’s Disease, a growing concern in western nations with aging populations and those who have a family history of the disease. I will admit, out of all the things that frighten me most related to aging, it’s not wrinkles, it’s not age spots, not eye bags, not fat in weird places…, it’s dementia. Losing my mind. That’s part of the reason you’ll notice a few episodes on the podcast dedicated to Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment.

In this podcast, Dr. Seyfried discusses what the pathological hallmarks are of Alzheimer’s Disease and why cognitive impairment happens. He then describes proteins in the brain that prevent Alzheimer’s (or might!) and how approaches to Alzheimer’s disease may evolve over the next several years. He also discusses evidence-based prevention strategies that are good for everyone to know and things that everyone can do. So take notes during that section and start implementing some of those tips into your everyday life.

Dr. Seyfried is director of the Emory Integrated Proteomics Core at Emory University School of Medicine  and a professor in the department of biochemistry. The Seyfried Lab at Emory focuses on the relationship between proteomics and biology to tackle Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. You’ll hear that word “proteomics” a lot in the podcast, but don’t worry, he will explain what it means.

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