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Proteins in the Brain that Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Proteins in the brain to prevent Alzheimer's

Are there proteins in the brain that prevent Alzheimer’s? In a recent Causes or Cures episode, I chatted with Dr. Nicholas Seyfried about his research on a protein(s) in the brain that may hold the key to making people resilient to Alzheimer’s Disease, a growing concern in western nations with aging populations and those who have […]

Prevent Dementia ? It May be Possible

Prevent Dementia

Prevent Dementia? I think I will. Well…I think I’ll try. By: Eeks Is it possible to prevent dementia? Boost your brain power? Keep your memory? I think it’s hard to say, and probably depends on genetics and other mysteries of life that we haven’t figured out yet. But there are lifestyle changes we can make […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention: With Dr. Douglas Watt


    Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention: The latest Causes Or Cures Podcast, and one you don’t want to miss. Alzheimer’s disease is frightening, heartbreaking and tragic, yet it’s very common. I don’t think I know one person who hasn’t been impacted by this disease in some way. With an aging population, at least here in the […]

Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease are All Things We Can Work On.

Risk factors for Alzheimer's Disease

The Risk factors for Alzheimer’s Disease are all things we can work on. (That’s good news.) By: Dr. Eeks Even though there are things I would love to forget,  I definitely want to do what I can to prevent Alzheimer’s disease when I’m older. I’m hoping, by that time, I’ll have more experiences that I […]

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