Introducing the Sam & Ella Organic Tote Bag !

Hey guys.

I’ve never been a gal “into” tote bags, if such a person even exists. However, when NYC banned plastic bags back in March, I had to get used to bringing a tote bag to the store. At first, I found it inconvenient, mostly because I’d forget to bring it with me to the store. Then I had to pay my five-cents-of-shame to purchase a plastic bag and carry my items home.

The five-cents-of-shame worked like classical conditioning for me, and eventually I never went to the store without my tote bag. I had a blue tote bag– boring, but it did the trick. Then I got to thinking…what if I can spruce up my tote bags? Perhaps that would finally turn me into a tote-bag-lovin’-gal.  😉

That never happened. BUT I did take some of my health jokes & medical humor drawings from my comedy book, Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling, teamed up with a second company and started putting my crazy medical & health jokes on black, organic tote bags. I ordered a few for myself and friends, and absolutely LOVE them. The bags are high-quality, which was key for me, since I have to walk everywhere in NYC. The last thing you want is your bag to break in the middle of the sidewalk. I now have several tote bags, with my jokes, available in the Blooming Wellness store, and hope you guys take a look. I have to say…they can be GREAT conversation starters at the grocery store or while you’re lounging in the park with your dog. Just ask my pup, Barnaby! 😉 If tote bags aren’t your thing, I also have mugs. Both are funny gifts for medical professionals, healthcare workers, wellness coaches, drug reps, nurses, PAs, NPs, Public Health officials…the works.

Anyhow, HERE is the “Sam & Ella” Organic Tote, which is a great & hilarious gift for vegans or vegetarians or folks prone to food poisoning. Um, it’s silly, in a total-nerd kind of way.  I pray that you get the joke. If you don’t, just keep saying it out loud. You’ll get it eventually.

Sam and Ella Organic Tote Bag To order and see more of the Shop, just click here! 


Thanks, guys! And if you haven’t yet, def. check out my health podcast, Causes or Cures. I have SO many amazing guests lined up for September…I promise you’ll get something out of it.

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