How Many Deaths did COVID-19 Cause? A Quick Lesson On Causation

How many deaths did COVID-19 really cause?

Causation can be tricky, especially if you believe in upstream & downstream causes for something happening.  So, I wanted to teach a lesson on causation using my coffee mugs. I  posted a link to my Vimeo video that you can watch OR I invite you to watch the Instagram TV video related to the “now infamous” CDC report that came out & gave folks the idea that COVID-19 only caused “6% of deaths.”  I hope it makes sense. Feel free to share, comment and follow on Instagram or elsewhere.

Watch on Instagram TV Here!

And I hope this makes sense, guys. It’s important to understand how many deaths COVID-19 caused and it’s important to understand that causation is not necessarily what you think it means…

Please browse the blog for other topics related to COVID-19. I also have several top doctors and researchers on my Causes or Cures podcast who discuss hot topics related to COVID. Worth the listen, because I don’t think COVID is going away anytime soon.  Also worth reading?  My Ban Live Meat Markets blog. I did a research project on the facts leading to emerging infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, and most of those factors have to do with how us humans interact with our environment. Because of my research project, I was not surprised that COVID came to torture us. Despite what you’ve heard and what you believe, it was in the stars.

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