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Celebrate Lost Loved Ones Map: The Opioid Epidemic

Celebrate Lost Loved Ones Map

Celebrate Lost Loved Ones Map: Mapping our way out of the Opioid Epidemic: Hey there. The opioid epidemic is still raging, and people are still dying as a result. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic made it worse. The opioid epidemic is the biggest health disinformation campaigns in my lifetime. It was fueled by a cartel…though not […]

What Fueled the Opioid Epidemic?

What Fueled the Opioid Epidemic

What fueled the opioid epidemic? This is a heated question for some folks. Many get offended. Others get emotional. Either way, it’s good to ask research questions, conduct the research to answer the questions in a systematic, unbiased way and discuss what is found. That said, in my latest episode of Causes or Cures, I […]

Opioids or Marijuana? A Podcast with a Spoonie

Opioids and Marijuana

    Opioids or marijuana? Some people say increasing access to marijuana, or making it legal, will reduce their use of opioids and therefore the potential for opioid addiction. What do you think? The second episode of my podcast Causes Or Cures is posted, and hopefully with only few interruptions from my pup, Barnaby. I […]

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