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Do EMF Shields Work? No.

EMF Shields Don't Work

Hi guys. When you work in wellness, you’ll encounter EMF shields. They are everywhere. Sometimes they come in the form of tiny magnets that you can stick on your devices or sometimes they are types of special clothes or even crystals. A lot of my readers who are concerned about EMF radiation have written me […]

What is EMF Hypersensitivity? One Woman’s Story

EMF Hypersensitivity

    By: Dr. Eeks, MD, MPH In previous blogs and podcasts, I featured doctors who had studied the potential health effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). They were concerned with exposure from EMF-emitting devices, such as our smartphones, laptops, I-pads, wireless headphones and other wireless devices. I’ve interviewed Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi, who conducted one of […]

EMF Shields Don’t Work

EMF Shields Don't Work

  EMF shields don’t work. At least 99.9% of them. By Dr. Eeks That is what I learned in my latest Causes Or Cures podcast featuring Dr. Paul Heroux. Dr. Heroux is an expert on electromagnetism and EMF radiation. He has his PhD in physics and is a researcher who focuses on EMF exposure and […]

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