Antibody Dependent Enhancement: With Dr. Robert Malone

Antibody Dependent Enhancement

Antibody Dependent Enhancement, or ADE for short!

There are several viral videos with millions of views referencing something called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) as a potential effect of COVID-19 vaccines or vaccines in general. Some make very bold claims and it’s difficult to sort fact from fiction from hyperbole in these videos. I watched one video with a family medicine doctor who claimed the vaccine was a depopulation effort. The video’s gone viral, and I’ve already seen it on several wellness sites. To me, the video felt unscientific and exaggerated for the selfish purpose of making the video go viral, but…perhaps, rooted in a bit of truth. And guys, I do not buy the theory that the vaccine is a “depopulation plan.” Here’s why: These vaccines are high-tech, expensive and hard to distribute. As Darwin has it, only rich countries will get the vaccines at first, and our birth rates are way down. In fact, some public health people think our declining birth rate is a public health crisis in the making. If you wanted to depopulate the world with this vaccine, you wouldn’t give it to the rich countries. You’d give it to the poor countries that have significantly higher birth rates. But I digress… ;)

If you read my blog on the COVID-19 vaccines, which is basically the mother-of-all cheat sheets when it comes to everything I know ( and don’t know) about these vaccines, I ask the question someone asked me: “What was your biggest concern about the COVID vaccines?” The answer I wrote down was “Antibody Dependent Enhancement.” It still is my greatest concern. My research on vaccines and COVID-19 led me to scientific papers on past attempts to develop a vaccine for any coronavirus. I specifically looked at the vaccine trials for MERS and SARS, a coronavirus that is similar to COVID-19. Those vaccine trials never made it beyond the pre-clinical (or animal) stage, because of something called Antibody Dependent Enhancement. This phenomenon is not easy to understand, but in very, very simple terms, it’s when vaccine-induced antibodies enhance, or make worse, a viral infection when exposed to the virus AFTER being vaccinated for it. In short, it’s not good and quite bad, and we wouldn’t know it was happening for months after the vaccines hit the population.

To be fair, I have read all of the Emergency Use Applications for the COVID-19 vaccines, and long-term monitoring of Antibody Dependent Enhancement of Disease is part of their plan. Certainly the FDA will not approve these vaccines until ADE is ruled out. Of course, the FDA and CDC will be monitoring other potential side effects and the safety and durabilty of these vaccines for a long time before granting them Approval. I reached out to several authors of the papers on Antibody Dependent Enhancement, and asked if they’d be willing to do a podcast on this topic to help us understand it better and dispel fear-mongering rumors. They either 1) didn’t respond to me 2) told me no 3) told me they’d love to talk about it on my podcast, but their affiliated institution wouldn’t let them. That last one irked me. I can’t say for sure it was censorship, but it certainly smelled like it, and if you are an academic and have the chance to help educate the public on a topic that is creating fear and confusion, why not do it?

Anyhow, one of the researchers who wanted to come on my podcast but “wasn’t allowed by his institution” gave me the name of a top vaccinologist and scientist who “might” be willing to do the podcast. That was Dr. Robert Malone. I reached out to him, we agreed to have a phone call first and though he was hesitant at first (having never done a podcast), he graciously agreed to do it. I am SO glad he did, because the podcast is incredibly informative, scientific, HONEST and easy-to-understand. A lot of folks have messaged me after listening to the podcast and were beyond complimentary. It’s already one of my top 3 listened-to podcasts.

On the podcast, we chatted about Antibody-Dependent Enhancement and how it relates to vaccine development. Dr. Malone explains how vaccine-induced ADE happens, using a fork as a metaphor. He also discusses vaccine development in general, the COVID vaccines, how one would design a study to rule out Antibody Dependent Enhancement, how to figure out if it’s happening in the population and what to do if it is happening. This isn’t fear-mongering. It’s honest science from a highly-qualified expert being honest about risk.

Who is Dr. Malone?

Dr. Malone is a physician, vaccinologist, scientist and internationally recognized as one of the original inventors of  “DNA Vaccination.” He has done extensive research and clinical development in the areas of clinical trial design and vaccines, gene therapy, biodefense and immunology.  In 2014, he built and led the initial team, under NewLink Genetics, that took the Canadian rVSVZEBOV-G Ebola vaccine from an abandoned vaccine candidate to a viable contender and eventually a successful vaccine for Ebola. He has worked with numerous high-level government and private organizations and has been involved in the design, development and oversight of over 40 Phase 1 Clinical trials, 20 Phase 2 clinical trials and 5 Phase 3 trials. His infectious disease pathogen advanced development oversight include HIV, Influenza, Plague, Anthrax, Tularemia, Tb, Ebola, Zika, Ricin toxin, Botulinum toxin and engineered pathogens. He has over 100 peer-reviewed papers, over 11 thousand citations and has sat on or served as chairperson on many NIAID and DoD study sections. You can learn more about his consulting firm and background here.

Please keep in mind that this podcast is information only and never to be taken as medical or health advice. If you’re ready to listen, click here!

Oh, one more thing: Dr. Malone and his wife, Dr. Jill Malone, wrote a book about COVID-19 and self-published it to Amazon. I talk about that book in the podcast, because he sent me a PDF copy, which I read before the podcast. Some of you asked me where you can get his book. Unfortunately, Amazon pulled the book and stopped publishing it. They didn’t give the Malones a reason why, and after reading the book, I couldn’t give you one good reason this book deserved to be banned. Maybe Amazon could explain themselves one day: Upholding a narrative? Censoring? Didn’t like the cover? Don’t like them? I don’t know why Amazon did it, but I will say this: Banning books is never indicative of a healthy society.

Anyhow, hope you guys listen to the podcast and if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me.

Listen here!

Xo, Eeks

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7 Responses to “Antibody Dependent Enhancement: With Dr. Robert Malone”

  1. Thank you!! I found this super informative and clear. Thanks for bringing on Dr. Malone and the insightful conversation.

    I’m also curious to learn more about ADE and found a few other researchers who discuss it honestly though being in favorable support of the benefits vs the risks (like you say, discussing ADE not as fear-mongering, but as something to simply pay attention). Here is one other researcher I found:

    Would be great to hear a part 2 of Dr. Malone!

  2. where can one purchase a copy of the book that you reference- written by Dr. Malone and his wife?

  3. I was into this until talking about masks and that turned me off to everything he talked about. The CDC put out an article last year before all the talk about wearing masks and doubling them etc…, I say before the CDC became politicized, where 14…… Fourteen clinical, peer reviewed trials, showed wearing masks, washing hands and coughing into tissues, do not have an effect on stopping the spread of viruses, in these trials, the flu. With Covid-19, they are so small they’re aerosolized and go right through most masks with no problem, N95’s somewhat, but they don’t stop an infected person from spreading it as though they weren’t wearing them at all. The article is about non-pharmaceutical measures for stopping the spread of flu.
    I understand that men like Dr. Malone believe they have to say something to keep fear down but really, there’s another way than half truths as he said about media!!!

  4. “To be fair, I have read all of the Emergency Use Applications for the COVID-19 vaccines, and long-term monitoring of Antibody Dependent Enhancement of Disease is part of their plan. Certainly the FDA will not approve these vaccines until ADE is ruled out.” Question, why would they want to get full approval when they have already vaccinated between 50 and 60 percent of the adult population in the US? If ADE is found to be a problem, they will have to start working on “another vaccine” (I have heard that they are already working on it) that again doesn’t have long-term testing data. I have been reading through the VAERS data regarding reactions to the COVID shots, particularly paying attention to deaths and life-threatening reactions, and the numbers are quite alarming. Interestingly, younger people who survived had similar reactions but had a voice and got immediate medical attention. How can an elderly person who can’t communicate well or at all, tell medical staff what they are feeling? Another question, why do they seem to be ignoring the VAERS data? Is it because most of the people who have died are elderly or do they think that the reactions are just “coincidences” (too many similarities to be coincidences)? I have to wonder if ADE had something to do with my mother who was 92 when she died. She was diagnosed with COVID a few days after having the first moderna shot (she was in a nursing home and they tested all patients every day to keep it under control). She recovered from COVID with virtually no symptoms, got the 2nd shot and then died of pneumonia a couple months later. Could she have been re-exposed to COVID and had the ADE reaction? She was a very healthy person (not on any meds) until she had a series of strokes a few years ago. It doesn’t matter how old a person is, if something is avoidable, would you give it to someone who is elderly or knowingly (or unknowingly) compromised (there were many younger people who had life-threatening reactions, but survived)?

  5. Great podcast. Thanks!

    One comment on the “depopulation effort” you mentioned at the top of the article. Though I don’t ascribe to that conspiracy theory , I didn’t think the reasoning was sound to say that such an effort, if it exists, would certainly start in poorer areas where birth rates are high.

    If, however, a depopulation effort was driven by a ‘save the earth’ ideology, then the goal would be to reduce the per capita consumption of resources- which is highest in wealthier areas, even though birth rates there are indeed lower, the impact on the earth would be much greater

  6. Today, Dr. Malone claimed that the worst case scenario of this vaccine campaign has manifested and antibody dependant enhancement is indeed occurring. Your faith in the institutions of the FDA and the CDC may need to be questioned

  7. Dr Robert Malone is the inventor of the mrna technology used in vaccines.
    Dr Luc Montagnier is a Nobel Prize winning scientist.
    Dr Mike Yeadon was the VP for Pfizer.
    Harvard Medical Prof, Dr. Martin Kulldorff invented key parts of the U.S. vaccine safety system. But the CDC doesn’t want his expertise on COVID vaccines. Why?
    All have simply asked questions on safety.

    The so called faceless ‘fact-checkers’ aren’t medically qualified or involved in such scientific decision making and never have been.

    The levels of censorship have reached heights never seen before in our lifetimes. We see channels deleted, posts removed, highly qualified scientists silenced, even threatened…

    Yes, these injections are expensive but paid for by taxpayers, big pharma reap the profits, if such injections were so safe, why do these companies demand legal immunity? Why is the term ‘natural immunity’ censored from social media? Remember Gardasil, Pandemrix, Thalidomide…. all were deemed safe until cases of narcolepsy, birth defects etc appeared…

    If we can’t even question medical technology, how is the scientific method supposed to progress and earn our trust?

    Thank you for this article.

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