The Best Detox Everrrrrr: KickStart from Verdant Corpora


Yours in Wellness, Krystal Heeling


According to laws and regulations, I must let you know that this is a paid partnership with the hot new wellness company, Verdant Corpora.

Verdant Corpora’s KickStart is the most amazing detox on the planet!  It’s organic, all-natural, GMO-free, full of antioxidants, antiinflammatories and superfoods. You’ll lose weight fast, because toxic sludge is HEAVY. It not only gets rid of toxins, but brainfog too. Your memory will improve and you will look 5 years younger in about 3 days. ( On average. Results vary.)

You guys, I have so much energy! I never used to be able to do pull-ups on my apartment building’s chandelier, and after only 2 weeks on Verdant Corpora’s Kickstart, I can do four! I have to take a running start, but still! I’m no longer bloated, and my normal bowling ball of a tummy looks more like a golf ball these days!! ( Bumble, here I come!) ????

The guys who run Verdant Corpora are great. I mean, I haven’t met them in person, but they seem legit over email. I’m not exactly sure where the ingredients of Kickstart are sourced ( I’ll ask), but they said everything was made in New Jersey. ( USA!! USA!!)

By the way,  if you ever want to gift this to someone, the packaging is gorgeous. I mean, just stunning. I wouldn’t be embarrassed to give this to anyone.

As for safety, I’m sure it’s super safe, because like I said, they are very nice over email. And I read the customer reviews ( all 4 and 5 stars), so it’s not like anyone died…since they wrote reviews. That said, I take ZERO responsibility if any of you try it and throw yourselves into an electrolyte imbalance. And I take ZERO responsibility if there are any contaminants. And I take ZERO responsibility if Kickstart doesn’t work for you. But you should BELIEVE that it works, otherwise you’re just sabotaging yourself, really. If you’re a Debbie or Donny Downer, you probably shouldn’t try it, because nothing makes you guys happy. Go sit on a sunshine pump and then talk to me.

I don’t think they have any published studies or randomized controlled trials, but the before and after pictures are LIT. Transformations that will blow your mind. I know people are really good at photoshop, but I think these are the real deal.

If anyone wants to try Kickstart, comment below, and I can put you in touch with the Verdant Corpora team. They’re sooo nice, you’ll lov’em!  Or, you can check them out for yourself right here.  You’ll love it!  Welcome to the NEW YOU!

DISCLAIMER: The FDA has not approved this message nor any of its Sarcasm.

Yours in Wellness, Erin Stair

I hope you kids like sarcasm.

In addition, don’t forget to check out my health podcast, Causes or Cures.

Yours in Wellness, ;)


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