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Anxiety Relief ZenTones

This 28 minute relaxing sound program is scientifically-designed to help fight anxiety and alleviate panic in nerve-wracking situations. The program uses specific sound sequencing, relaxing alpha waves and an ambient generator to help calm and restore your mind to a place of peace and clarity. If you often feel anxious or become anxious before a job presentation, a meeting, a first date, a big game…,this program is for you. Also great for flight anxiety, performance anxiety and meeting-the-in-laws-anxiety (Yes, that’s a thing.)

Headache Relief ZenTones

This short healing sound program uses scientifically selected sounds, specific sequences of relaxing sub-delta waves, and a soothing ambient generator to help you relax and alleviate headache pain. The sounds have been arranged in a very specific sequence to help alleviate pain. This program has also been observed to work for fibromyalgia pain and is shown to help relax people after surgery.

Stress Relief ZenTones

This 25 minute sound program is scientifically-designed with soothing, medium-range alpha waves, ambient generation and iso-chronic beats to relieve your mind and body of stress and create a state of relaxation. Blood pressures have noticeably dropped after listening to this program. Also, food cravings, often a nasty by-product of chronic stress, will decrease after listening to this program. It is speculated that modern-day stress is at the root of 80% of all chronic illnesses, so this product is a must-have for your anti-stress arsenal.

Depression Relief ZenTones

This 35 minute sound program is scientifically designed to help you boost your mood and overcome depressive feelings. The program uses a combination of nature sounds and beta and alpha rhythms, with the beta rhythms stimulating the left hemisphere of your brain and the alpha rhythms soothing the right hemisphere. All sounds are arranged in a specific sequence for maximum effects. Use this program while relaxing or lying in bed, or while running, working out, commuting, or going on long walks in a natural setting. Get creative. There is no wrong way to use ZenTones.

Build Focus and Attention ZenTones

This 28 minute scientifically-designed sound program uses specific sequences of medium-range beta waves and Sensorimotor rhythms (SMR) to help you concentrate, boost memory, study, and focus better at work. Great for scholars, students, or anyone who needs to focus more while studying or completing a task. A great first natural step to try if you have symptoms of ADHD or just have a tendency to be a daydreamer and let your “To Do” list get ahead of you.

Fall Asleep ZenTones

This soothing 50 minute sound program uses a sequence of scientifically-selected sounds to help lull you into a calm, peaceful sleep. Also includes a relaxing ambient generator, iso-chronic tones and slow delta waves. Listen to this program right when you get into bed OR beforehand, in a comfortable position, to induce a sleepy state. We do not recommend sleeping with your smartphones, as the latest and most robust research shows that smartphones definitively interfere with quality of sleep. Always use this program before you snooze off for the duration of the night.

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