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Skincare Routine for the Summer

Skincare Routine for the Summer

A good summer skincare routine can preserve a wonderful face. And yes, your face is wonderful. :) By: Eeks Hey guys, I’m a big fan of creating my own skincare routines based on what I’ve learned from studying herbs, essential oils and how different food ingredients impact our skin. Most importantly, a great skincare routine […]

Natural, Homemade Sunscreen: More than 70% Don’t Work

Ineffectiveness of Homemade Sunscreen

  By: Dr. Eeks Natural, homemade sunscreen has become tremendously popular , because folks are scared of the chemicals in many conventional sunscreens. But does natural, homemade sunscreen work to prevent sun burns, sun spots or skin cancer? The short answer is No. In my latest Causes Or Cures podcast, I interviewed Dr. Julie Merten […]

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