Dr. Jay Joshi: From Practicing Medicine to Going to Prison

Dr. Jay Joshi

I just read a book by Dr. Jay Joshi, and boy! It’s a fascinating story.

I enjoy hearing all sides of the opioid epidemic. And while it is easy to put the blame on certain entities, for example opioid-prescribing physicians, the epidemic is complex. On a recent Causes or Cures Podcast, Dr. Jay Joshi offers his perspective on the opioid epidemic and how it impacted him personally and professionally.

In this episode of Causes or Cures, I chatted with Dr. Jay Joshi about his new book, Burden of Pain, a Physician’s Journey through the Opioid Epidemic. Dr. Joshi was a practicing physician at a clinic in rural Indiana when his world was turned upside down. The DEA, using a fake patient and a prescription monitoring system, investigated Dr. Joshi for his opioid prescription practices. He was eventually arrested, tried in court and served a prison sentence. While in prison he wrote the book Burden of Pain, which is his side of the story.

After serving his time, he is back to practicing medicine. No matter your views on the causes and perpetrators of the opioid epidemic,  in this episode Dr. Joshi provides valuable insights on the complexity of the epidemic; how we view and treat pain; the patient-Doctor relationship, the role of the DEA; and what he feels are the best steps forward. He also shares what it was like to be a doctor in prison, coming out and starting over.

No matter your thoughts and feelings, I hope you take a moment to listen to Dr. Jay Joshi. No matter what, I promise it is a fascinating story. I also applaud ANYONE who is pursuing a second chance in life. It is not any easy thing to do and people can be incredibly judgmental and unkind.

Tune in to the podcast here! 

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Thanks for your support with the podcast! I appreciate it.

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