Hypoactive Sexual Desire, on the Podcast!

What is hypoactive sexual desire disorder, sometimes called HSDD for short?

Sometimes people just have low sexual desire from time to time. That is completely normal. But when would one categorize it as a disorder? That, and other questions surrounding HSDD, is the topic of a recent podcast I recorded for Causes or Cures.

In Hypoactive Sexual Desire, I chat with Dr. Alexander Comninos about Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder and his and his team’s research on a potential new treatment called Kisspeptin. He will discuss prevalence, diagnosis, symptoms, how the diagnosis may be misdiagnosed as Erectile Dysfunction Disorder, and current treatment approaches to HSDD. Erectile dysfunction is a huge problem for many men who want to have sex (and a problem for their partners too…) so it was really interested to hear about the potential misdiagnosis. In fact, if you know of anyone with erectile dysfunction who went out and got on Viagra but still doesn’t have the desire to have sex, perhaps pass along this podcast. It could prove helpful.

Now onto Kisspeptin…

In detail, Dr. Comninos describes what Kisspeptin is and how it might help. He’ll also talk about the clinical trials he has conducted involving both men and women diagnosed with HSDD and how well Kisspetin worked in those clinical trials. Of course he will discuss safety concerns and side effects too.


Who is Dr. Comninos? He is a Consultant Endocrinologist at Imperial College London where he also leads the Imperial Endocrine Bone Unit. He has authored over 75 clinical and translational publications in reproductive endocrinology, with a focus on reproductive hormones and their influence on both behavior and bones. (You can learn more about him here.)

I hope you all take a listen to the podcast and feel free to find me in the land of social media and tell me what you thought. And once again, thank you to everyone who subscribes to the podcast, shares episodes, and especially to those who hit that “support the show” link which helps me continue to do the podcast despite my “pesky” day job. 😉 (I’m kidding. Sort of. I like my day job.)

After listening to this episode on hypoactive sexual desire, I encourage you to check out some of the other episodes too, such as this great one on the Misinformation on Misinformation.

Take care everyone and see you out there.

Dr. Eeks


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