By: Jacob Lew

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Nobody likes getting sick, and having a strong immune system is what will help protect you from unwanted illnesses and ailments.


When your immune system is down or weakened, you become more susceptible to sicknesses like colds and flu and are more likely to be affected by viruses like herpes and similar infections, which you can learn about here.


While these things can’t necessarily be prevented entirely, you can make sure to take the best possible care of your health in order to keep your immune system strong to fight against these types of issues. Here’s how you can do it.


Get Vaccinated


When it comes to vaccinations, we’re not necessarily talking about the covid vaccine, although this is good and important to stay on top of too.


Instead, we want to ensure that you’re up to date on all of your recommended shots from childhood (like polio and chickenpox) and others into your adult life. Vaccines train your immune system to be even smarter and stronger than it is naturally and can help protect you against various illnesses. Make sure you get your annual flu shot and Covid boosters too.


Load Up on Fruits and Veggies


We’re all well aware of the fact that fruits and vegetables are good for us – but why? They carry important vitamins and minerals that help nourish our bodies in various ways, and a strengthened immune system is one major factor.


Focus on your diet by reducing your intake of processed foods as much as possible and replacing those with a variety of fruit and veg. Try to include various colors in your diet to ensure that you’re taking in an array of different nutrients and vitamins. This will also add variety and excitement to your diet – you’ll soon learn that vegetables don’t need to be boring!


Keep Moving


Regular exercise is another lifestyle habit that we all know is important. We exercise for our heart health and to build strong muscles, but movement is equally important for a strong immune system and for protecting us against illness.


The good news is that the type of movement you choose to do doesn’t really matter. Whether you love to run, dance, lift weights, play tennis, swim, or take long sunset walks, any type of physical activity will contribute to your overall health and keeping you strong.


Stay Hydrated


Water is great for many processes in your body – digestion, regulating your body temperature, strengthening your bones and joints, flushing out waste, and just about everything else!


It’s no surprise, then, that drinking enough water will also contribute to a strong and resilient immune system. Make sure to carry a water bottle around with you to make hydration easier.


Try to Relax


Finally, try to keep in mind that stress is a silent immune system killer. All your hard work and healthy habits will be wasted if you let your mind become overrun by stress.


Make sure to implement healthy routines that help you to wind down and take your mind off work and other stressors if you want to reap the benefits of a strong and well-cared-for immune system.

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