Top Tools to Boost Your Nutrition in 2023

By: Shannon Deltree

Not scientifically reviewed by Dr. Eeks

Taking better care of your health in 2023 is an exceptional goal that you’ll thank yourself for in the future, and improving your nutrition is a great place to start.


If you’re looking to level up your kitchen and ensure you’re thoroughly equipped to make the best possible food choices this year, there are a few helpful pieces of equipment you can look into.


These five tools are by no means a necessity for good health, but they can make the journey a lot easier and more enjoyable!


High-Quality Basics


Before buying a heap of new kitchen gadgets, ensure you’re well-equipped with high-quality basic items. These include items like sharp, long-lasting knives, a knife sharpener, an excellent wooden chopping block, measuring tools, oven-safe dishes, storage containers, and great pots and pans.


Having these items makes cooking a simpler and easier process and will encourage you to cook more at home rather than relying on the easier option – takeout.


A Kitchen Scale


Once you’ve got those down, consider buying a simple food scale. Not only will this make baking a lot more thorough and meticulous, but it can benefit you on your health journey too.


You can use a food scale to monitor your portion sizes and track your calories and macros to learn more about what nutrients are in the foods you eat regularly. There are loads of lifestyle and health benefits to tracking your macros, and a kitchen scale can help you do this accurately by weighing out your meals.


An Air Fryer


We all know that too much high-fat food isn’t good for us, so cooking our foods in oils and butter isn’t necessarily helpful for our goals. However, a nice crispy potato or chicken breast is a simple and delicious addition to a meal!


An air fryer allows you to enjoy your favorite fried foods but uses half or none of the oil required for a deep-fry! You can achieve crispy potato wedges, chicken schnitzel, and so much more. If you’re hesitant to buy an air fryer because you’re unsure what to make in it, countless healthy air fryer recipes online can help get you going.


A Blender


There’s nothing that feels more healthy or refreshing than a giant fruit smoothie to kick off your Monday morning! Smoothies are an easy way to get more micronutrients into your diet in the form of fruits and veg.


Plus, smoothies can be delicious and easy to digest. You can add healthy fats like avocado or peanut butter and throw in some protein powder to create a fully balanced meal in one quick and easy drink. Owning a blender makes healthy breakfasts a no-brainer.


A Juicer


If you want to take that a step further, you could also invest in a juicer! Many people find it easier to get their greens in through juices and smoothies, and this is a great way to do so.


Instead of drinking sodas or store-bought fruit juices that are full of added sugar, make your own drinks at home that are healthier and will give you long-lasting energy.

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