Cursing and Physical Pain: WTF?

Cursing and Physical Pain

Who likes to curse? Then one of my recent podcast episodes, cursing and physical pain, is for you.

In this episode of Causes or Cures, I chatted with Dr. Nick Washmuth about how swearing (cursing, saying “bad” words, dropping “f bombs”) can be used to help manage physical pain. He discusses the theories for why swearing helps with physical pain, the evidence for it, specific case studies, and how it might be used in a clinical setting. He also describes if some swear words are “better” than others for managing physical pain and whether or not making up swear words has any benefit. In addition, he’ll talk about how swearing might help build a therapeutic alliance and help with memory and physical performance too.

Dr Washmuth is a doctor of physical therapy and an Associate Professor at Samford University, School of Health Professions. He wrote a paper on cursing and physical pain, which I read, enjoyed, so I reached out to him and he graciously came on the podcast to discuss!

I have no issues with cursing. I curse…quite a bit. But that doesn’t mean the rest of you do, so if cursing offends you, you won’t like this podcast, because we say the “f word” and “sh&t” openly in it. I mean, it would be kind of weird to do a podcast on cursing and not curse in it, but just in case, I’m confirming the obvious.

This was a fun podcast to record, and I hope you guys enjoy it too. Perhaps, next time you sprain your ankle or pull a back muscle, you’ll think back to this podcast and apply what you learned. Dare to dream, right? ;)


Click here to listen to the podcast!

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