A Case for Ditching the Word “Anti-Vaxxer”


Ditch the Word Anti-Vaxxer

Hi guys!

I am actively working on the public health response to COVID-19 and currently swimming in health communication data, particularly around how people talk about the vaccine. I hear the term “Anti-vaxxer” or “Anti-vax” a lot…and I also see it on social media a lot.  Hence, I wanted to share this video I made about why I feel we should ditch the word “Anti-Vaxxer.”  I promise, no matter WHO you are, you are not helping your cause by using the term “Anti-vaxxer.” In fact, you’re most likely hurting it.

Hope you watch it and hope you consider subscribing to my Youtube channel! Here’s the video:

Empathic Communication: Ditch the Word “Anti-Vaxxer” – YouTube

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