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  1. All of our programs contain scientifically-selected binaural beats arranged in a unique sequence. You need to wear headphones for all of our programs to work. We prefer our ZenBands for maximum comfort.
  2. Please be sufficiently hydrated before listening to ZenTones.
  3. Our programs are extremely safe with no serious side effects. That said, don’t do anything stupid, like listen to “Fall Asleep” or “Anxiety Relief” while driving a truck or running from zombies. We definitely do not want to see you eaten by Zombies.
  4. Close your eyes to maximize relaxation. (Unless you are listening to the Focus ZenTones. You want to listen to Focus while performing your task(s) with your eyes open. Our ZenBands are designed to be pulled over your eyes to enhance your Zen experience.
  5. Do not focus on the sounds. Focus on your breath or a calming mental imagery. You will not be able to “hear” the binaural beats that are “changing your brain.” Those are perceived by your brain and do not exist in physical space.
  6. Most people experience an immediate relaxation effect while listening to ZenTones. We recommend that you listen to the entire ZenTone program. We also recommend that you listen for at least an entire month and complete the Self Zen Check to track your progress.
  7. ZenTones and ZenBands are NOT medical treatments. They are relaxation and stress-reduction tools. Never use them to replace the advice of your doctor.
  8. Finally, take a break from whatever you are doing and wherever you are to HAVE A MOMENT of ZEN.

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