Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing ZENTones and ZENBands, please acknowledge the following:

If you are prone to having seizures, pregnant or wear a pacemaker, you should not use ZENTones, and/or ask your physician first.
If you take medication or are being treated for a particular ailment, ask your physician before using ZENTones.

If you are under the influence of alcohol or mood altering substances, legal or illegal, do not use ZENTones.

Children under the age of 18 who are prone to seizures, should ask their physicians first before using ZENTones.

Do not use ZENTones while driving or operating heavy machinery.

ZENTones and ZENBands are stress-reduction and relaxation tools. They are not and should never be considered medical treatments. Although there is a lot of evidence supporting binaural acoustics as natural remedies to common ailments, they are not intended nor should they ever replace your medication, treatment plan or doctor’s advice.  While there is research to support our programs,   they have not been evaluated nor approved by the FDA.

The purchaser and user of ZENTones and ZENBands assumes all risks in the use of these products, and waving any claims against Blooming Wellness, its affiliates and Dr. Stair for any and all mental and physical injuries.   The purchaser and user of ZENTones and ZENBands also assumes liabilities when other people use their purchased ZENTones and ZENBands.

In no case will Blooming Wellness or other distributors of ZENBands and ZENTones be liable for chance, accidental , special, direct or indirect damages resulting from use, misuse, defects of the software, instructions or documentation.

If you agree with the above statement(s), please continue with your purchase and use of our products.

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